Taking Artificial Intelligence to the next level
Paula Adrião, CEO, K1 Digital

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Taking Artificial Intelligence to the next level

K1 Digital specializes in the integration of 4IR technologies, focusing on the development of IPA (Intelligent Process Automation) and machine learning solutions and cognitive systems. The company’s proprietary methodology, with a proven success rate in implementation of intelligent robotization solutions, custom made solutions to cater to the varied business process. The company has remained a forerunner in the AI space and has developed solutions that impact several industries.

The Success Mantra

Paula Adrião, CEO of K1 Digital speaks on what it takes to be a successful entrepreneur in the world of Artificial Intelligence (AI). “Artificial Intelligence is already changing society and the way we work more than anything that we ever did before. It is empowering the workforce with new capabilities and knowledge at a rapid pace, and before long, it will be on the scene any place and all over the place, and probably you won’t even notice it.”

Benefitting Cross-Sectors

Noting that computer vision and AR/VR will be the most amazing solutions in the future, Paula adds that AI will benefit cross-sectors. “At some point, humans will no longer need to train systems; they will learn and evolve on their own which implies that we must be prepared to take full advantage and if so, our society will end up in a fantastic future where everybody’s better off” she adds.

On K-1 Digital’s strong capabilities in delivering RPA and Machine Learning, Paula notes that there is no major industry modern AI hasn’t already affected. Some sectors are at the infancy of their AI roadmap and they are ramping up their strategy, while others are becoming high speedrunners. “For example; in healthcare, it allows quick and accurate diagnostics; for retail or cross-sector, market complex information helps preview sales volumes or exports with great accuracy, for productive infrastructures or agriculture, using of preventive maintenance including computer vision, drones, and sensors, make our solutions act as the main driver of other emerging technologies like big data and IoT.”

The Road Ahead

On how the AI is expected to impact the future, Paula observes, “We’re still in the early days of human-computer interaction experiences and I believe there is so much opportunity ahead.” Paula adds that the level of degree of this interaction will depend on their ability to creating features that are human-centered as well as on the know-how to create meaningful AI-infused experiences. “We have a compelling story in mind about technological innovation and the future and I´m passionate about building it, and also very focused on our targets and the creation of the necessary skills to build it along the way.” Adds Paula that Artificial Intelligence can impact the IT industry in two ways, “On one side, it can expand the portfolio with new offerings, supporting a new set of solutions (what we call intelligent IT), and on the other, it can change the way work is done on the traditional IT Process Model, with broader service automation.”

The Parting Shot

Asked as to how leaders can overcome the fear of failure, Paula says, “There’s always a chance that we’ll fail. Facing that is very important and prevents us from failing in bad situations. So, there are a few things that might help; one must consider all the potential outcomes of the decision to take and evaluate them and their probabilities (the art of possible).” Paula believes in simplicity. “That´s the rule that leads all the others. Simplifying is the primary essence of intelligence. However, building AI isn’t simple at all” she signs off.

Company: K1 Digital

Website: k-1-digital.com

Management: Paula Adrião, CEO

Founded Year: 2017

Headquarters: Lisboa, Lisboa

Description: K1 Digital develops solutions with the use of intelligent technologies, helping organizations in their digital transformation.

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