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Digital twin: A boon for manufacturing industry

Manufacturing industries possess a huge capital investment for various processes and hence increasing the price of the commodities too. Digital twining has been emerged as a revolution in the world of manufacturing. It is contributing a great part in production cost deduction, operational cost deductions, and also boosting the life of assets and equipment. The application of digital twining has been imposed to the complete product’s lifecycle. This technology is helping to broaden the incorporation of digitization to the manufacturing operations. There are multiple digital twining applications incorporated in manufacturing industry. If you are also in the manufacturing business and seeking new ways to reduce your production cost with a hike in sales and revenue then knowing everything about digital twining is really important for you.

Major digital twin applications in manufacturing industry are listed below:


Digital twining was initially used by the engineers to visualize a product before it is being manufactured. This technology helps the producers to know the end product before the physical counterpart actually comes into existence. As the latest technological development with the help of IoT, now these pre-visualize products can be captured for future reference or analysis.

Design customization:

It is a world where everyone’s requirements and preferences matters. Now folks love to get a product which is precisely customized for their needs. Digital twining technology provides a flexibility to customize the products as much as can and as many times we need. This technology is the only and the best way to incorporate customer’s input before even the product come into existence.


Production was the part that comprised of most of the technicalities and also capital consumption. A small change or error during the production may lead to major losses. Now, with the help of digital twin technology, manufacturers has a final version of product with every single specifications required to develop a product in the similar way. It reduces the possibility of error to least increasing the revenue and profits.