David Packard: Founder of Hewlett-Packard

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Hewlett Packard is one of the multinational information technology companies but it is not much familiar with this name. It is much common as HP among the folks all across the world. The co-founder of this great brand, David Packard was an American electrical engineer who initiated a technology company with Bill Hewlett. He has a career history of serving defence as U.S. Deputy Secretary. He also had served Uniformed Services University of the Health Sciences as a president. Other designations he had served during his professional journey are chairman of its Board of Regents, member of the Trilateral Commission, and more. During his tenure he also received Presidential Medal of Freedom in 1988. His is a renowned name among the technology innovators and philanthropist.

Personal life and career journey of Hewlett Packard:

Packard was born in Colorado; his early education was from Centennial High School where he was involved in several games and technological activities. His higher education was from Stanford University. During his higher studies, he met Bill Hewlett. Then, later year he earned master’s degree in electrical engineering from Stanford University. The commencement of Hewlett-Packard was done in the year 1939 with an initial cost of $538. The name HP was determined with a toss of a coin. Options for the toss was HP or PH. The very first product sold by this company was audio frequency oscillator to Walt Disney Studios. With the lap of time, this company grew as one of the biggest electronic testing and measurement device companies all across the world. Later on, the company extended its production into calculators, laser and inkjet printers, and also the computers which are now recognized as best computers.

The incorporation of HP took place in 1947, and Packard served this company as the foremost president till 1964. Consequent to the year, he was elected as Chief executive Officer and Chairman of the Board. From early 80’s till his death, one more side of Packard came in the lime light as a philanthropist.

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