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Artificial Intelligence

smart medical technology concept,advanced robotic surgery machine at Hospital, robotic surgery are precision, miniaturisation, smaller incisions, decreased blood loss, less pain,  quick healing time

Artificial intelligence reshaping the medical sector for a healthier future

Medical sector is growing at a great speed with the solution of various diseases which were unknown till now. The development is maximum based on digital technology and is giving rise to huge amount of digital data and automated services too. Artificial intelligence was earlier discovered for several well-known digital platforms for simplifying their process and serve more effectively to their users without any manual assistance, such as recognizing images on social media platform and giving automated suggestions on search engine result page. Sooner this advancement made small steps towards medical industry and artificial intelligence within no time was deployed in the medical sector for various processes and the major part of medical stream which is sorted and made swift with the help of AI is disease diagnosis and treatment recommendations. Radiology: On time diagnosis of a disease can give effective solutions for the disease and can be really helpful to avoid the life risk included with the disease. Artificial intelligence has given a prompt solution for this by automating the image analysis and diagnosis.

robot with ai

Miracles of Artificial Intelligence in the Robotics Industry

Artificial intelligence and robotics are two distinct sectors but in the advancement of robotics there is a great role of AI. Well, Artificial Intelligence has worked at a great level for various sectors and has brought amazing transformations too. And when we talk about robotics, artificial intelligences act as the backbone for it. Now question might be how artificial intelligence can empower robotics? The answer you will get if you think which type of robot do you require? The one to which you need to feed command for every single ask, or the one which can grow itself, learn, and take decision required for the abased on the provided criteria. Thus, the impact of artificial intelligence on robotics is massive which is nowhere going to be slow down the pace of development. The major application of AI in robotics is to enhance the automation capabilities of various industries. Sense and response: Automation is being used in various business industries since several years but the traditional robots were bond to pick an object from a specified location and the further process to be followed as the predetermined data feed in the system.


A Valuable Journey of Customer Data

While his business has grown into one of Seattle’s most respected and sought after enterprise software companies, Kabir Shahani is in the business of people. He believes in connecting people with technology to help them be more successful, improve business results, and get more value out of their daily work. “Though technology is often misunderstood to be better suited than humans to solve the most complex problems,” Shahani says, “we must not lose sight that it is best used to enhance and augment human capacity.” For instance, most modern businesses’ real capital is knowledge, and how it is spread and shared across organizations has a large impact on the effectiveness of the businesses. Today, Artificial Intelligence (AI) helps to organize, promote, and retrieve that knowledge from many internal systems and processes. Keeping this as a foundational principle, Amperity was born. “Our mission is to help people use data to serve the customer.


Pushing the limits of AI

Artificial Intelligence is ubiquitous. Be it education, cybersecurity, healthcare or any industry, there’s always room for AI to optimize the business. However, some technical voids are yet to be filled. According to Emilio Billi, Founder, and Chief Technical Officer of A3Cube technology Innovators despite the challenges that come with the evolution of AI, the benefits are worth it. For example, AI has transformed the manufacturing process, optimized the costs and, has helped the sector not compromise between quality and efficiency. That’s a significant transformation. Billi pushes the limits of AI by redefining Data Analytics and changing the operations of several industries through A3Cube. However, the question remains, can an AI exhibit more intelligence than a human? Will they replace humans in the long run? Let’s find out!  “AI allows us to augment the intelligence of humans”, says Billi. This means that AI helps us gain a deeper understanding of any technical problem that is set before us.


Automating Intelligent robots

Berkshire Grey, a US-based technology company, builds solutions that combine Artificial Intelligence and Robotics to automate retail, eCommerce, and logistics processes. The company has remained a forerunner in transforming pick, pack, and sort operations, thus, transforming the dynamic distribution and fulfillment centers of logistics and retail enterprises. According to the company, it uses machine learning and AI technology to control industrial robots that can automate tasks that have never before been performed by machines in commercial settings. In an interview, Tom Wagner CEO of the company, ponders over AI’s future, the company’s vision, and the success mantra behind Berkshire Grey. Ask Tom about how AI has changed the entire gamut of the IT industry and he says, “AI is changing the way the whole world does business. Today, often the term AI is used to denote learning algorithms that examine data and help to automate decision making.


Drowning Detection Gets Real with Coral Manta 3000

Incidents of children drowning in swimming pools have been on an alarming rise in the recent past. According to recent statistics, in the USA alone around 6,000 cases of people drowning in residential swimming pools have been reported each year. Official records also state that more than 50% of all swimming pools drownings are of children less than 10 years old. Several pieces of research have been initiated to tackle this issue and prevent these unfortunate incidents. Coral Drowning Detection came up with an AI based technology that can help reduce these statistics dramatically. The company developed the first drowning detection system for private swimming pools, through its signature product Coral Manta 3000, which is touted as the system’s breakthrough in solar-powered Artificial Intelligence technology. The product, a plug and play system, is a self-installed device that sends smartphone notifications when anyone first enters the pool and more importantly, when it detects risk of drowning.

Hossein Rahnama, Founder and CEO

Building Artificial Intelligence from Scratch

Flybits empowers the world’s leading financial institutions to enter a new era of personalized banking, powered by contextual intelligence. By unlocking and owning the power of context – knowledge of the precise circumstances and needs of a customer at a particular point in time – Flybits enables financial institutions to build intelligent, highly relevant and predictive customer experiences with ease and unprecedented speed. Without the need to re-engineer existing IT infrastructure, Flybits platform can integrate proprietary, public and contextual data to create a unified, context-based ecosystem and deliver powerful, in-the-moment connections, transforming financial institutions’ digital and mobile channels with rich, context-based customer experiences. With patent-protected AI and machine learning capabilities, Flybits’ end-to-end platform allows teams to orchestrate experiences without data science or technical know-how.


Personalizing human-machine interaction

InfiBond, a pioneer in human analytics, has cracked the code for understanding what drives human behavior through the relationship of individuals with their mobile devices. It allows INFI to provide a human dimension to every Human-Machine interaction in the digital sphere. The company, headquartered in Tel Aviv, has developed an empathic AI predictive platform, EmpathAI™, which integrates validated psychological models into applied mathematics and AI Referring to the company’s personality-driven AI, Yoram Kraus, the company’s CEO, said that the digital world, in a race to understand personalities of individuals, is progressing at an exponential pace through AI and other technological innovations. “This step is critical for enabling machines to interact with humans. Unfortunately, though, available solutions attempting to engage users are typically one-size-fit-all. This means that customer targeting has reached a glass ceiling as it is based mainly on historical data and demographics”, he pointed out.


Taking Artificial Intelligence to the next level

K1 Digital specializes in the integration of 4IR technologies, focusing on the development of IPA (Intelligent Process Automation) and machine learning solutions and cognitive systems. The company’s proprietary methodology, with a proven success rate in implementation of intelligent robotization solutions, custom made solutions to cater to the varied business process. The company has remained a forerunner in the AI space and has developed solutions that impact several industries.

The Success Mantra

Paula Adrião, CEO of K1 Digital speaks on what it takes to be a successful entrepreneur in the world of Artificial Intelligence (AI). “Artificial Intelligence is already changing society and the way we work more than anything that we ever did before

Shiran Weitzman

Revolutionizing the RegTech Industry

Specialist RegTech provider Shield is all set to revolutionize the financial compliance industry. With the setting up of the world’s first Autonomous Compliance Hub, the company is helping firms to be more efficient and thus, dramatically help reduce their expenses on non-revenue generating domains. Shield’s CEO and Co-Founder, Shiran Weitzman, has been named as one of the top 50 financial industry company founders for 2019 by the Financial Technologist. A fete, Shiran believes comes with a lot of fulfillment and satisfaction. He adds, “Entrepreneurship comes with lots of fulfillment and satisfaction, but also with many sleepless nights, many red-eye flights and many decisions that are followed by doubt. Whilst entrepreneurship is highly revered and adored today, it does come with enormous challenges as well. It is the ‘small wins’ (like this recognition) that make it all worthwhile though.” “Ofir (my co-founder) and I have known each other since we were 14 years old.

The skills required to develop AI

The skills required to develop AI

There is no dearth of jobs for qualified people in the market. Especially, if you have the knowledge and desire to make a significant difference in the market. Technologies like Machine Learning (ML) and Artificial Intelligence (AI) have already established the foothold in the market. Both of these technologies have the power to reform the way businesses operate. The communication and human interaction to accomplish complex tasks are also evolved. As the business application of AI and MI is constantly increasing, the requirement of qualified people to handle the workload is also increasing. Everybody is willing to take their career to the next level with these innovations. It is true that there are ample opportunities for qualified people, but simultaneously you should also have the extra-ordinary capabilities to take the challenges as programmers to make a smooth and natural transition whenever and where required. Now, to sail across smoothly, you must look at the following:

Narrow Artificial Intelligence and its scopes

Narrow Artificial Intelligence and its scopes

An ability to adapt to machine and learning to a machine is Artificial Intelligence, as described in brief. But artificial intelligence is more than we know and perceived to be. There are 3 types of artificial intelligence. Let’s look at the first type of AI and broaden our knowledge about narrow artificial intelligence: Artificial Narrow Intelligence (ANI) Artificial Intelligence proved that technology could imitate the human brain and actions. Narrow artificial Intelligence or narrow AI is a specific technology that it can imitate the human action to accomplish a task, which is narrowly defined. These actions, for example, include speech recognition and voice assistants. It would be good to know that narrow artificial intelligence has cognitive abilities and emphasize a single subset of this ability, where there is a further scope to make a few advancements in this area. An ability to adapt to machine and learning to a machine is Artificial Intelligence, as described in brief. But artificial intelligence is more than we know and perceived to be. There are 3 types of artificial intelligence. Let’s look at the first type of AI and broaden our knowledge about narrow artificial intelligence:

Infrastructure requirements for Artificial Intelligence

Infrastructure requirements for Artificial Intelligence

Over the years as AI is developing and reforming, various businesses and IT decision makers are making significant investment on technologies powered by AI. As artificial intelligence has the capability to change everything within the organization and refine the way people work, it is extremely important to gain the control over the macro and micro level of your business and organization. With the change of artificial intelligence is changing keeping an eye on the way your business functions become crucial, as every moment your changes are refined, and you have fresh requirements. This is just a piloting and beginning phase of AI and the power and the impact are already felt around. As slowly the artificial intelligence would be moving forward, we are expected to see much greater and wider changes around. What does AI require to improve? As more and more people would experiment to improve the prospect of AI, there will be significant requirement for computing resources and infrastructure costs. When there is a tremendous impact of AI around us, there is a requirement to find a cost-effective environment to run the extensive processes. Every business needs to adapt to these changes and be flexible enough to welcome new infrastructure.

Artificial Super Intelligence

Artificial Super Intelligence (ASI) and its scopes

Artificial Super Intelligence or ASI is that branch of artificial intelligence that has the capability to perform the tasks that are impossible for the human mind to think or do. It is that aspect of intelligence that is more potent and refined than a human’s intelligence. Human’s intelligence can develop effectively and can adapt to changes faster. Superintelligence is capable of outperforming human intelligence; it is extremely powerful in doing that. Superintelligence is twice as powerful as human brains to conceptualize or idealize. The human brain is made of neurons and is limited to some billion neurons. Superintelligence, therefore, challenges this trait, which knows no limit. Ever since 1970, when the term Artificial superintelligence was introduced, it has been referring to the capabilities of the computer that can outperform or even challenge the possibilities of the human mind. The technology undoubtedly imitates the human mind and action, but extensively challenges human brains and even surpass human ability. Artificial superintelligence goes further beyond and conceives a world of computer’s cognitive ability, which is much superior to human actions. The researchers around the world are working towards developing Artificial Intelligence.

An important part of educational sector transformation

AI: An important part of educational sector transformation

Undoubtedly artificial intelligence has intruded in each and every sector, either you count medical or finance you will find a great impact of AI on it. But a rebel characteristic of artificial intelligence was emerged when it also started transforming educational sector. In olden days, education was only limited to the classes, a boring board, black and white printed study materials. But the world of education has been changed so far and the hero behind it is of course artificial intelligence which has made education a little more interesting, colorful and of course much more professional.

Teachers and the grading system:

Already long lectures consume a huge time of teachers but they again get busy with the tests and grading them. Manually it takes a long time but it is simplified with the help of artificial intelligence. Gone are the days when students were writing long content and filling pages of a copy, now exams are conducted in simplified manners with optional type questions. Well 100% replacements of a human are not possible but AI has replaced it far better.

artificial general intelligence

Artificial General Intelligence and its scopes

Artificial General Intelligence (AGI) is far more advanced and improved over Artificial Narrow Intelligence. It is applicable to general-purpose only. It can smartly and efficiently be applied to do variety of tasks; simultaneously learn and improve itself. As compared to the human brain or human intellect, AGI is similar and can function productively without any errors. Things that Artificial Narrow Intelligence could not do, Artificial General Intelligence can learn and improve to efficiently perform various tasks.

To link to the context that what AGI empowered application can do is that the intelligence of AlphaGo can be applied in various other areas apart from its main function to be able to play Go. Research is being carried out to explore the possibilities of Artificial General Intelligence.

Programmed to perform any task that a human is capable of, Artificial General Intelligence can imitate the cognitive abilities of humankind. AGI can find out a solution if faced with some task, which is hard to comprehend.