Pushing the limits of AI
Emilio Billi, Founder & CTO, A3Cube

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Pushing the limits of AI

Artificial Intelligence is ubiquitous. Be it education, cybersecurity, healthcare or any industry, there’s always room for AI to optimize the business. However, some technical voids are yet to be filled. According to Emilio Billi, Founder, and Chief Technical Officer of A3Cube technology Innovators despite the challenges that come with the evolution of AI, the benefits are worth it. For example, AI has transformed the manufacturing process, optimized the costs and, has helped the sector not compromise between quality and efficiency. That’s a significant transformation. Billi pushes the limits of AI by redefining Data Analytics and changing the operations of several industries through A3Cube. However, the question remains, can an AI exhibit more intelligence than a human? Will they replace humans in the long run? Let’s find out!

Replacing automation with AI

“AI allows us to augment the intelligence of humans”, says Billi. This means that AI helps us gain a deeper understanding of any technical problem that is set before us. Take the fashion industry, for example, AI leverages the buying patterns for predicting upcoming fashion trends. Data analysis is inevitable to make business decisions today. Because mistakes are becoming expensive and trial and error don’t make sense anymore. Emilio Billi strongly believes that using AI instead of industrial automation in factories can make processes more efficient and reduce energy consumption. Also automating the mundane tasks can give more time for employees to focus on creative tasks. Automation also helps in human errors which usually affects productivity.

A3Cube’s Cutting Edge Technology

According to Billi, A3Cube aims to provide clients the capability to generate the largest value from their data in the quickest time. This ideology has enabled A3Cube to emerge as a leader among the AI, ML and Big Data analytics industry. Using supercomputers A3Cube can increase overall system performances and deliver “limitless” resources to any application. Billi stresses that AI applications need cutting edge hardware to perform efficiently. The implementation of AI requires more than just innovative software. It also requires tremendous computational power. And this is what sets A3Cube apart from its competitors. Apart from hardware solutions, A3Cube offers a new approach to AI implementation. A3Cube has a special division focused on developing special algorithms for AI applications. Through these operations, Emilio Billi has distinguished himself and is considered a pioneer in the AI field. Emilio Billi wants to lead the era of the AI revolution through A3Cube.

Time is money

The time taken to access the data and delays in processing is crucial in businesses. Consider an AI application that predicts fraud: the software is only useful if it predicts the fraud quickly. Then it can be dealt with or avoided before it’s too late. If we have to predict a storm, it is only beneficial if it is predicted in time to take the necessary precautions. The results of collecting data must be analyzed in a time frame close to real-time for it to be of any use to anyone. Billi assures the fastest data access, best resource balancing, best application performance, and “infinite” computing power. This overcomes the current challenges faced by companies. These solutions overcome these challenges using well-designed and easy-to-scale systems. It fits all types of application needs.

AI Solutions by A3Cube

While training a computer with a dataset of over 1.28 million images, a traditional hardware system would take about 1310 hours (around 54 days!). When processed using other AI solutions, it would take about 23 hours. A3Cube transforms ordinary servers into ultra-powerful supercomputers. This cuts down the time to 48 minutes!

A3Cube has created a predictive system based on AI to optimize warehouse programming and management. The system is based on the potential and future demands for a leading brand in luxury fashion. Through this project, Billi aims to install industry 4.0 in the brand’s manufacturing process.

Challenging the Status Quo

Being creative while being calculative of risks requires a tremendous amount of skill. Emilio Billi owes it all to his out of the box thinking and pushing beyond limits. He is a visionary and admits that most people don’t understand his foresight. He stays one step ahead of his competitors because he can predict market trends and thinks beyond the status quo. Passion is the only thing that Billi expects from his team. According to his philosophy, A3Cube always puts morals before everything else. He advises budding entrepreneurs to keep themselves updated with the latest technologies. He makes sure to celebrate even small victories while heading towards bigger goals. He doesn’t give much importance to profit but prioritizes the perfection of his products.

Wrapping it up

Although AI-driven tools can help in reducing errors and maximize the capability of man to conceive new products, Billi says that they could never take over humans. AI could never replace human intuition. In other words, AI enhances human performance by eliminating inefficiencies, it can never replace human capability.

Company: A3Cube

Website: a3cube-inc.com

Management: Emilio Billi, Founder & CTO

Founded Year: 2012

Headquarters: San Jose, CA

Description: A3cube is among the first companies that, years ago, understood the key role of data in transforming every aspect of modern society.

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