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VoIP bringing a great change in telecommunication industry

VoIP bringing a great change in telecommunication industry

VoIP, in today’s fast track world almost folks are familiar with it. Not with the name, but with the uses and are also using it. Voice over internet protocol and is most commonly known as phone service over internet. In today’s digital world everyone is just a click away and VoIP is one of the greatest reasons for this change. You can talk to your people in any country, with just a strong internet connection without paying your network provider for certainly that call or any phone services. Now you might be getting very much familiar with this word. This technology has made a great impact on telecommunication industry.

VoIP is gaining more and more importance over plain old telephone services (POTS) and is transforming entire shape of telecommunication industry. But here the question is, does this emerging new telecommunication technology is effecting business? Then the answer is “YES”. The effects of VoIP can be noticed from the end of monopoly, which was booming at a time.

How monopoly is heading to its end?

Since several years or can be said several decades big telcos was ruling telecommunication industry but this low cost structured VoIP showed an end gate to the monopoly and is emerging as the best boon for customers.

Calls made by POTS were generated by a caller in the form of analog signals and were converted into electrical ones to transmit over telephone lines, whereas calls using VoIP are generated in the form of voice signals and are transmitted in the form of internet packets. Hence such calls can be made by any device connected with the internet.

Benefits of VoIP:

  • As compared to landline calls, VoIP offer very low cost services, especially when you are willing to make long distance calls. This is the main reason why almost businesses and even individuals are switching to VoIP services.
  • Installation or equipment cost is almost zero. No need of heavy equipment to be installed it’s all about plug and play case.
  • Landline calls were limited with a voice call but VoIP comes with multiple features depending on the chosen services, such as instant text messages, video calls, conference calls, and many more.

Benefits of VoIP is not limited in these above listed ones but there are many more to explore and experience by businesses and individuals.