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Top Security Challenges faced by IoT

IoT is one of the most renowned technology and one of the major sources in connecting various devices. This is also giving a rise to IoT apps enhancing the standard of technology. The super connections of various devices also give a rise to a concern of sharing and security. One side, where IoT is one of the biggest boon for each and every sector, on the other hand it is also one of the biggest threat to the society. Most of the manufacturers of various products compete to get the best product first in the market with much more advanced technologies but hardly any of those are concerned about the security issues, majorly with the data access and proper management. But there are other major challenges faced by IoT, to know more keep reading.

Few major security issues faced by IoT are listed below:

  • Inadequate testing and updating:

At present, there are approx. 30 billion devices connected worldwide and this number is exponentially increasing day by day. In upcoming 5 years, the number of connected devices is expected to be doubled. But nothing comes free; every penny costs a lot and this advancement also demands a security as a cost.

This issue is a result of a carelessness shown by the tech companies which are fighting to attain top rank in technological growth. Few apps are updated in a particular interval but few are forgotten after development which makes the app prone to hackers and leaves a keyhole for them to enter the app. As a solution, apps need continuous updates.

  • IoT malware and ransomware:

As the number of connected devices is increasing exponentially, it is giving a room for malware and ransomware. Due to this probability of attack, there is always a threat of data loss and device functionality disruption. It is one of the major concerns these days and it must be checked with a detailed eye perfection to protect device data and privacy.