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Top IoT applications in logistics

In present day, logistics is not just confined with the transportation of a commodity from one place to another; rather it deals with the customer’s satisfaction and meeting their expectations. Logistics have set their certain priorities that are empowering them day by day. Now they majorly focus on visibility of supply chain, quality service, on-time delivery, etc.

The major pillar of a logistic company is their inventory management and also it is considered as one of the toughest jobs. But with the advancement of technology not only inventory management but also other important aspects, such as warehousing, automation, keeping each stage of transportation in loop, etc. are been made  simpler. Internet of Things also renowned as IoT has been the major aspect responsible for this great development.

Advancements made by IoT are listed below:

Location management system:

On-time delivery is one of the most important facets that define success of a logistic company. Timing of a product delivery mostly fails due to miscommunications between the folks involved in this transportation. But with the technological advancements, each stage is now well connected with each other. Now companies can get details of each stage, such as packing, vehicle location, driver’s activity, delivery status, etc. Even it allows the customer to be in the loop and get informed about the product delivery status.

Inventory tracking and warehousing:

Now a day’s ecosystem of logistics is well connected and best benefit of this advancement is taken for inventory tracking and warehousing. As logistics company deals with countless commodities in a day so keeping an eye on each and every commodity is really a tough job. A small and inexpensive sensor with tracking capabilities allows the company to track each commodity every now and then. This advancement has helped Logistics Company to put an end on the thefts and commodity misplacement issues and has made the process simpler and swift.