IoT: A revolution in the automobile industry

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Driverless or self driving car at road. Futuristic autonomous vehicle remote sensing system. Isometric view on smart auto near traffic light, 3d transport with wireless signal.Autopilot and navigation

Internet of Things, more commonly familiar as IoT has already established its footprints in various business industries, but the adventures it has made in the automobile sector is almost unbelievable. In the past years we have automobiles with a combination of mechanical and electronics engineering. Upcoming years will add several facilities to your existing automobile by incorporating IoT in it. It is estimated that in future there will be much more demands of software incorporated in the vehicles and most of the revenue will be generate with it. IoT will be completely changing the automobiles sector with its uses also. There are several benefits of IoT incorporation with automobiles; few of those are discussed here.

Benefits of IoT in automobile industry:

Connected cars:

Connected cars are going to be a game changer in the automotive industry and the latest cars with IoT technology are predictive to yield a revenue generation of approx. 1.3 trillion dollars in the very near future. Connected vehicles makes the driving very safe by taking decisions based on the real-time driving conditions. These high end technological cars have the potential to sense the speed of other vehicles and roads conditions too making it safer than ever before. Connected cars have various features integrated to make it relevant for a road full of traffic. The cars are connected with various elements to make it safer such as:

  • Vehicle to vehicle connection
  • Vehicle to local satellite network
  • Vehicle to pedestrian
  • Vehicle to the road infrastructure

Driverless cars:

How about a driverless car that takes you to a predefined destination safely and effortlessly? Isn’t it great to enjoy an effortless drive? This is not just a dream, but a truth. Autonomous cars are the hot current topic of the town. These cars will be programmed for all the driving function just like a manual driving. Already semi-automated cars are available in the market, and sooner the world will witness a miracle with driverless cars.

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