Building the Foundation: Essential Infrastructure for Artificial Intelligence Deployment

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Infrastructure requirements for Artificial Intelligence

Over the years as AI is developing and reforming, various businesses and IT decision makers are making significant investment on technologies powered by AI. As artificial intelligence has the capability to change everything within the organization and refine the way people work, it is extremely important to gain the control over the macro and micro level of your business and organization. With the change of artificial intelligence is changing keeping an eye on the way your business functions become crucial, as every moment your changes are refined, and you have fresh requirements.

This is just a piloting and beginning phase of AI and the power and the impact are already felt around. As slowly the artificial intelligence would be moving forward, we are expected to see much greater and wider changes around.

What does AI require to improve?

As more and more people would experiment to improve the prospect of AI, there will be significant requirement for computing resources and infrastructure costs. When there is a tremendous impact of AI around us, there is a requirement to find a cost-effective environment to run the extensive processes. Every business needs to adapt to these changes and be flexible enough to welcome new infrastructure. The cloud technologies, particularly the hybrid cloud solutions would be the foundation base of artificial intelligence. Hybrid cloud solutions can ensure that infrastructure requirement of AI will be lieu to the business need and will be enough to sustain and match the technology. A business will provide the required infrastructure to allow the continuous use, development and implementation of artificial intelligence without compromising the outstanding performance.

Below are the factors that must be kept in mind while evaluating potential partners and to ensure choosing the best platform possible.

  1. High computing capacity

The organizations need high performance computing resources, including CPUs and GPUs to explore the possibilities of AI. As the experiments are still carried on in most of the organizations, they are building strong CPU-based environment to handle basic AI capacities. But currently the existing CPU-based computing might not be enough to handle the multiple large as per the requirement of deep learning process. To deploy scalable neural network algorithms and manage the high-performance networks and storage computing capacity and density of data handling need to improve.

  1. Storage capacity

The storage capacity is the fundamental requirement for any AI infrastructure; as has an ability to scale storage as the volume of data grows. But an organization needs to find out the level of storage system they would require planning their experiments with AI. Companies need to handle their expansion plan and manage the storage capacity to be able to make real-time decisions; as AI applications can help to make better decisions when they’re exposed to more data.

  1. Networking infrastructure

Seamless networking is an essential component of AI infrastructure. As scalability is of high priority, organization would require a high-bandwidth, low-latency network. Deep learning algorithms depend on communications, and as AI experiment progresses and expand, network system needs to keep pace. For this expansive service it is necessary to have an expert infrastructure provider who can handle the service wrap and technology globally and ensure that the stack is distributed and consistent in all place.

  1. Security

As AI is used to handle sensitive data in sectors such as healthcare, financial organizations and more, to securely maintain the personal data becomes a bigger challenge. These pieces of information are extremely vulnerable in nature; and if not managed well can be detrimental to any organization if exploited by unreliable sources. Alongside, if any unwanted and unnecessary data are added to the AI system, it would lead to incorrect decision and inference. Hence, a secured AI infrastructure is required to ensure that your data is protected.

  1. Cost-effective solutions

This is just the beginning of AI model development, as slowly the research work progress, AI would become more complex and the development costs will be extremely expensive. Every organization must work to find out the cost-effective solutions to continue with the process and growth. As the companies using AI, must continue with the growth, they have to depend largely on the improved network, servers, and storage infrastructures to enable the use of this technology. The whole process is extremely expensive. Therefore, they need to carefully choose the providers who can offer cost-effective dedicated servers. It would improve the opportunity of high performance and help the company to plan, decide and invest smartly in AI infrastructure.

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