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An introduction to big data

Data storage is really crucial; either you talk about a business or an individual. When it comes to store a huge amount of data for a longer duration then it becomes almost hectic and impossible to maintain. Since so many decades several organizations working on various data and paperwork are struggling with the same, but not anymore. A new technology has been emerged and is named as big data. This is a unique method to store and maintain structured, semi structured, and unstructured data at the same platform which can be excavated anytime for reference. The usage of big data is so wide and it has been playing a crucial role in the backend to support other major technological advancements, such as machine learning, advanced analytics applications, predictive modeling, and many more.

Importance of big data:

There are several organizations which completely depend on data and digging out old data, processing it manually was a difficult task and also time consuming. Incorporation of big data has assisted several business domains to hasten up their process by maintaining a sorted data available on the go. With the help of big data, companies now can serve better customer services by making it customizable. The big data allow you to know your customer’s preferences and store them for future use, facilitating you to serve customized services based on their interests. This technology has boosted sales and revenue of myriad businesses.

Big data opportunities for a better world:

Big data have a great scope in various industries, but in the world of robotics it is making miracles. Incorporation of this technology with other scientific advancements such as robotics and artificial intelligence, it has made process faster and easier. The scope of big data has accelerated exponentially in various sectors, such as health care, banking and finance, education, retail, manufacturing, travel and tourism, and many more. It also has played a great role in providing robust security to the secure their valuable data.