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An important part of educational sector transformation

An important part of educational sector transformation

AI: An important part of educational sector transformation

Undoubtedly artificial intelligence has intruded in each and every sector, either you count medical or finance you will find a great impact of AI on it. But a rebel characteristic of artificial intelligence was emerged when it also started transforming educational sector. In olden days, education was only limited to the classes, a boring board, black and white printed study materials. But the world of education has been changed so far and the hero behind it is of course artificial intelligence which has made education a little more interesting, colorful and of course much more professional.

Teachers and the grading system:

Already long lectures consume a huge time of teachers but they again get busy with the tests and grading them. Manually it takes a long time but it is simplified with the help of artificial intelligence. Gone are the days when students were writing long content and filling pages of a copy, now exams are conducted in simplified manners with optional type questions. Well 100% replacements of a human are not possible but AI has replaced it far better. It has automated almost grading system and made it a simpler task for teachers.

Individualized education:

Every individual has different skills and distinct weaknesses. Requirement of a study for studying may not be same. In class lectures all students are treated in the same way keeping each of them on the same page. This creates grade differences, instead if a student can learn as per their requirements and weaknesses. Artificial intelligence allows students to learn them individually.

Global learning:

 Artificial learning is also eradicating the geological boundaries of the globe and is transforming the educational sector worldwide. Now anyone can learn any course from anywhere anytime. With the help of online video lectures and online study material it allow students to join various courses.