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The ‘Expedia’ of Healthcare

“Everyone has something different to offer. When you allow people to express and find themselves, you enable them to bring their best,” says Alexi Alizadeh, CEO of Adviise. Adviise is a game-changing telemedicine platform that allows patients to research healthcare providers, and book appointments in real-time. Alizadeh leads by example. Through impactful determination, she has created a platform that simplifies healthcare and makes patient’s lives easier. With Adviise, patients don’t need to struggle with the perils of a broken system. Anyone can seamlessly book appointments, without having to make endless phone calls. Alizadeh has made this possible by harnessing her team’s efforts and thoughtfully steering them in the right direction. Her encouraging personality is the foundation for her strong team at Adviise. “We have a team of winners which keep us propelling ahead, even in times of uncertainty,” she states proudly. Transcending Barriers Frustrated with the existing inconsistencies, making endless phone calls, spending hours in waiting rooms, and last-minute appointment cancellations or postponements, Alizadeh sought to build a system to transcend these barriers. “We wanted patients to be able to schedule and be seen on one platform, so we developed our telemedicine calendar and appointments,” she says.

Dr AHmed

Confidential and Judgement-free Healthcare

The telemedicine market is transforming like never before. “Hospital at home” is no longer a mere prediction; it’s becoming a reality. Thanks to the technological innovations. With the high demand for new and improved services, technology adoption has become a common practice in the industry. Creating a unique identity in the field is Dr. Waqas Ahmed MD FACP, Founder and CEO of American TelePhysicians (ATP)A man ahead of time, Dr. Ahmed has paved a modern path to telemedicine that combines all healthcare services in a single platform to ease the patient journey and make patient-doctor encounters effective. “Our healthcare system addresses the three problems—accessibility, affordability, and awareness (the 3As).” Led by Dr. Ahmed, ATP is a physicians led Digital Healthcare Organization based in Jacksonville Florida and has team of more than 30 multi-specialty physicians and 60+ IT & business professionals. ATP is a mothership to numerous global healthcare management, marketplace, and specialty-based projects with operations both in USA and international market including Australia. Their projects utilize IT, AI, digital technology, and specialty physicians’ services to bring efficiency, accessibility, affordability, and convenience to the healthcare delivery and its mechanisms.


Synergizing New Technologies and Medicine

New technologies have had profound impacts on the healthcare delivery system worldwide. Emerging telehealth/ telemedicine technology is poised to have a pivotal impact on the way healthcare system is delivered, including how patients interact with providers and receive care, irrespective of the geographical boundaries. Says Adnan Mallik, CEO & Founder CallingDr, a telemedicine platform provider, “telemedicine as a technology has the greatest impact on healthcare industry at the moment, but I think there will be a time when Artificial Intelligence (AI) will play even a bigger role in our healthcare. I feel great optimism by the prospects of the synergies between technology and the medical field.” The History : CallingDr’s platform is designed specifically for healthcare providers, with a priority on easy adoption of telemedicine into existing practices/EMRs in rural areas of the USA. Conceived with an effort to integrate digital health, the platform delivers all the features and functions needed for a true point-of-care, with a system architecture that could be integrated to work seamlessly with an existing and future systems. Says Adnan that the idea of starting CallingDr stemmed out of a personal experience. “During the hurricane season in the USA,  one of my own children was sick and I wished we had the option of a virtual visit instead of physically having to take the child to the hospital in that weather.


Tele-Optometry - A Mission for Vision.

“In my experience leaders do not fear failure. They only fear the length of time it will take to succeed,” says Howard Fried, President of DigitalOptometrics. DigitalOptometrics is a telemedicine-focused health tech company known for its optical software system called Tele-Optometry. It allows patients at even remote locations to get a complete eye examination by skilled optometrists through a live video conference. Dr. Fried, a thought leader, is an expert in Optometry with more than twenty years of experience. One of the milestones in his career is responding to the requirements of optical exam providers in remote areas, especially for the underserved and senior citizens. Driven by his passion to solve this problem, his determination, and his tech-savvy team, he successfully launched Tele-Optometry in just two years. And now, having performed over 100,000 exams, they have an average Net Promoter Score of 88, indicating overwhelming patient approval of the technology and eye exam process. Tele-Optometry, The Game-Changer!:  Tele-Optometry is a digital replication of a physical eye exam performed by an Optometrist. It allows Optometrists to provide their services to patients located anywhere, anytime. Patient eye data is gathered from ten health and vision analysis tests, including a visual eye refraction test performed by a qualified Ophthalmic Technician.


Digi-Physical Healthcare

“Digital health and the digitization of healthcare is a complex, multilayered space. It requires the successful collaboration of professions and experiences from different domains,” says Theodor Jikander, CEO & Founder of Healo. Healo is a cloud and mobile platform that combines telemedicine, teletherapy, and telemonitoring. It offers one point of contact for all clinical and therapeutic needs for patients. Jikander’s multidisciplinary work history and startup experience in health and lifestyle has been the foundation of the Healo team’s success. ”We are not afraid to seek solutions and collaborations in places that are not automatically associated with our current digital offering and technology,” he adds. His teams driven approach has led to a more than 90% approval rate from a highly demanding, complex, chronic pain, and ME/CFS patient demographic. The Full Potential of Digital Care: Digital health and telemedicine is a real challenge. There is a massive need for education and knowledge transfer in order that the low understanding of the full potential of digital care among Healthcare Providers can be overcome. “They still often, wrongly, believe that quality of care and efficiency must entail either higher costs or care complexity. This is not true.


The Holy Grail of Sustainable Healthcare

“One of the major responsibilities that come from being the CEO of your own company is working harder and pushing further than the rest of the team,” says Henry Etukumoh, Founder of Medics2You. Medics2You is a platform that provides efficient Telehealth and infrastructure service to clients. Patients can log in and look for specialists and book an appointment within ten minutes. Using the Medics2You app, patients can contact a UK doctor from home, work, or even when on the move. Motivated by persistence and hard work, Henry along with the unwavering support of Medics2You’s Chief Technology Officer John Kumuyi and Dr. John Afolayan, the Chief Medical Officer has made Medics2You stand out in the top 200 amongst 5000+ companies at the inaugural Forbes Accelerator Program. “I am surrounded by a team who far exceed me in many areas however it is important that I remain a constant source of motivation,” he says. The Medics2You Platform: The Medics2You platform offers access to over 18,000+ UK doctors, specialists and healthcare professionals, including mental health specialists. Medics2You transcends the inconvenience of accessing quality care. There are no more long queues, waiting for hours in the clinic/hospital, and no more endless phone calls.

Tristan Schukraft, President & CEO

Confidential and Judgement-free Healthcare

“I always ask myself not how it’s done, but how can we make it better?” Says Tristan Schukraft, President & CEO of MISTR. MISTR is a telemedicine platform that offers discrete access to Pre-Exposure Prophylaxis (PrEP). PrEP is a once-daily pill regimen that prevents HIV. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) estimate 1.2 million Americans are at substantial risk for HIV and should be taking PrEP to prevent HIV infection. Sadly, due to the lack of knowledgeable doctors, costly labs, confusing paperwork and sometimes judgment, more than 80% of the vulnerable individuals are not taking advantage of PrEP. Schukraft, a forward-thinking leader, wished to change that and introduced MISTR, a confidential, judgment-free platform. Now, for every 13 new people on PrEP, one HIV infection is prevented. No Needles and No Paperwork : MISTR clients utilize a mobile enabled website where they answer a series of health related questions, upload insurance information (if available) and request an at-home testing kit or in-person lab appointment. They can consult with a doctor via phone, video, and/or online chat. With MISTR, there’s no waiting in doctors’ offices, no needles, and no paperwork.

Madhu Murthy, Founder

Technology to the Rescue of Specialist Medical Care

Technology has remained the key enabler in driving specialized medical care worldwide. The recent pendemic has reinforced the need to synergise technology and medical care to better coordinate patient care, to save money and to deliver more efficient care irrespective of the geographical boundaries.Madhu Murthy, Founder & Chief Medical Officer, Nod Innovations Inc, Phoenix-headquartered speciality, delivering quality healthcare for infectious diseases and other ailments, is a man with a mission. He says that Nod Innovations Inc has been positioned to be one of the key players in the pandemic crisis response. “Our understanding of the specialty services will help us create a marketplace that will connect patients and facilities to all the required specialist providers. We are currently planning to expand our technology utilization at more than 100 specialty practices and healthcare facilities over the next 18 months,” he adds. Stressing on the need to syngerise the value of applying technology for establishing a robust healthcare delivery platform, Madhu observes that this technological synergy helps remove the barriers to specialty care, provide cost-effective care and achieve scalability.


Bridging the Gap in tomorrow’s Healthcare

“Transforming an idea into a reality” is not just a title of a book for Vidar Arnulf. It is a relentless passion that helps him bring the best possible healthcare to people wherever they are. Being a medical doctor, Arnulf is committed to the Hippocratic Oath which helped him establish a loyal relationship between medicine and technology. Through his company, Omsyn, Arnulf strives to meet the needs of tomorrow’s healthcare by technology and services. “Technology has become an increasingly important part of medicine; but still medicine, in its core nature, is art. I find this inspiring as technology can be used to give physicians a better understanding of their patients, offer other means of communication, deliver instant access to historical data, and thereby enable them to better perform the art of medicine,” says Arnulf. Having a strong foundation in management, finance, and entrepreneurship, Arnulf easily identified the gaps in the healthcare industry and transformed his idea into reality. “Hospitals tend to centralize, concentrating specialized care to few centers. This means that the distance between patients and the caregivers increase.” Often this increased distance between medical competence and the patient pose a democratic problem of ensuring everybody has equal access to the best diagnostics and treatments.


Telehealth - A Silver Lining During the Pandemic

The rise in usage of telehealth services can be considered a possible silver lining in the COVID-19 pandemic, as both healthcare professionals and patients can benefit from the flexibility of care provided remotely. Since the start of the pandemic, telehealth visits in the US have increased from an average 12,000 per week to hundreds of thousands per week.

When it comes to providing physical therapy services, a variety of challenges arise. With a large percentage of the PT patient population being in the especially vulnerable group of those over 65, finding a way to provide physical therapy services remotely becomes more important than ever. One orthopedic surgeon is on a mission to dramatically improve how physical therapy services can be provided remotely as well as to help patients recover faster. “My passion for new medical technology, medical insight into orthopedics, and physical therapy has driven our success,” says Reuben Gobezie, MD, Co-founder & CEO of PT Genie. PT Genie is a digital health company that seeks to advance the field of physical therapy through its patented inertial sensor device and software that keeps patients connected to their providers while they exercise safely at home.


Simple Yet Effective Care

Michael Haddad is a man of principles and he faithfully follows those to create his own growth strategy in the telemedicine space. With relentless passion and commitment, Haddad, president of TeleSense Canada, believes in building a caring mindset that translates to his organizational success. This is well reflected in TeleSense Canada, a telemedicine/telehealth services provider that focuses on effective clinical consultation with the deployment of their telemedicine platform.

A true telemedicine implementation

For Haddad, there is nothing more overwhelming than to see an elderly person receiving a medical consultation with TeleSense telemedicine platform at the safety and comfort of his/her home without the need to travel to be in a physician’s office. “We ought to elevate patient experience and promote instrumentation-based care as the standard for a true telemedicine implementation,” he says.

Philip Choban, CEO1

Telemedicine- Healthcare in your Pocket

“Entrepreneurial blood has always run in my veins,” says Philip Choban, CEO of Telios Care SA. Telios Care is a telehealth platform that connects patients with healthcare professionals. Patients can get a diagnosis and treatment options within 30 minutes. After working as an accountant and then an investment banker for a few years, Philip realized that working for somebody else was not his cup of tea. Hence, his entrepreneurial career was born. Philip’s entrepreneurial family history and unwavering commitment have led Telios Care to be the number one telemedicine and healthy lifestyle company in Romania. Philip and his team at Telios Care believe that all people should have equal access to healthcare, lifestyle education, and mental well-being.

Born out of Necessity

In 2005, Philip’s wife Carmen was diagnosed with Early Onset Alzheimer’s Disease. Philip had to retire and devote his time to her care. He decided to move back to Romania as the cost of care was immense, he became her full-time caregiver. “When we needed a doctor, it was impossible to take her to a clinic because of agitation and non-recognition,” says Philip.

Joyce Nwatuobi, Co Founder and CEO

Patient-Centric Virtual Healthcare

“People will follow a leader with a clear vision and direction,” says Joyce Nwatuobi, CEO of ThriveHealth. ThriveHealth is a patient-centric digital technology provider. Through advanced technology ThriveHealth seamlessly connects patients to specialized healthcare anywhere, anytime. Being a visionary, Nwatuobi believes that employees will grow with the organization when a leader empowers and supports the team to be the best version of themselves. She considers her team to be her greatest asset.

Comprehensive Virtual Healthcare

Through digital technology, ThriveHealth connects scarce medical specialists to critical access hospitals thereby facilitating better access to care for patients within their community. In addition to the virtual medical specialists program, ThriveHealth offers a web based HIPAA compliant platform which requires no download or password. The platform includes multi way group call feature that allows the physicians add interpreters and specialists to the virtual visit.


Telemedicine - The New Frontier of Healthcare

“I consider myself an entrepreneur, innovator, and strategic thinker with strong organizational skills,” says Vijay Vonguru, President of Vesta Teleradiology. Vesta Teleradiology provides teleradiology coverage to diagnostic centers, hospitals, and mobile x-ray companies. The company specializes in crafting tailor-made telemedicine solutions for specific healthcare needs. As a result of the team’s ability, Vesta Teleradiology has crafted multiple Telemedicine services in Cardiology, Psychology, Neurology, Dermatology, Pulmonology, and ICU. Vesta Teleradiology now offers services in all 50 states in the USA and caters to international clients as well.

Capitalizing the pandemic opportunity

The COVID-19 pandemic situation has made telemedicine more relevant. Besides, the Center for Medicare Services (CMS) offered reimbursement for Telemedicine services. This kick-started a prolific demand for Telemedicine. However, many companies weren’t prepared to scale up. “Even though there were problems with the technology itself, those constituted only a small percentage of overall problems patients faced,” says Vonguru.


An Entrepreneur with a Purpose

Adding value to a customer’s business has always been a driving factor for Dave Anderson to climb up the ladder of entrepreneurial success. He finds ways to create and deliver new products and services that add business value to his customers; he also believes this can be delivered at its best in startups. During his entrepreneurial journey, Anderson spent much of his career at birth-stage and early-stage startups, bringing new products to market and growing revenue. He co-founded two technology companies, and most recently, founded and ran an enterprise performance analytics software company. As a business management and strategy expert, Anderson has always been an entrepreneur with a purpose. “My ambition is to continuously challenge myself to think bigger, bring more diverse beliefs, perspectives, experiences and backgrounds to the team in designing a better product through a strong organizational culture. By this, our customers will find us invaluable in helping them build a better business of their own.” It is this very principle that he brought to VM Doc a few months ago as he became the President and CEO of VM Doc—a patient management and telehealth company that enables faster and more efficient virtual delivery of care.

Paula Muto1

Reinventing Healthcare

The past few months have brought about a major sea change in medicine.  In truth it was long overdue.  As a surgeon, from a family of surgeons, it isn’t hard to see how the system was failing both patients and doctors. The process of referrals, scheduling, insurance approvals, billing and collecting became overwhelming, diverting both time and resources away from the patient.  Imagine purchasing a product on line only to find out after it arrived, the cost of delivery was four times the price of the item. That is what healthcare has become for most of us, necessary but unaffordable, except with the help of employer sponsored insurance…until now.  It took a major pandemic to force us to re-evaluate priorities and what is emerging is an entirely new paradigm of delivering care and with it a digital healthcare revolution.

Physicians, and surgeons in particular, are always accused of being old school, set in their ways, or late adopters. Granted, nearly by definition, doctors are schooled for years to absorb a significant amount of information derived from years of research and clinical observation.

Lisa Bard Levine, MD, MBA is the CEO

Hacking Health Care Access: Innovations in Telehealth

The COVID-19 pandemic has created further barriers to accessing medical care in the U.S.—especially for the 100+ million individuals who are un- or under-insured. As the economic aftershocks of this crisis continue to drive unemployment, and with it the loss of employer-sponsored health insurance, vulnerable patients will increasingly turn to safety net clinics in their communities for primary care needs. However, as need continues to skyrocket, many clinics are simultaneously being forced to operate at reduced hours and capacity to ensure effective social distancing practices and reduce the risk of infection for patients and providers alike.

To continue supporting patients, traditional in-person health care delivery has pivoted to telehealth—the practice of triaging, diagnosing, and treating patients using communication modalities such as text, email, phone, and video. Virtually overnight, clinics across the country adapted operations and best practices to facilitate the management of patient care via telehealth.

Maria Kunstadter. Co-Founder & President

The Perfect Storm for Teledentistry

A perfect storm is defined as an unusual combination of events or things that produce unusually powerful results. The perfect storm for teledentistry is the combination of technology, pandemic, and market demand. The future of dentistry is here and now.

To reduce the adoption barrier, it is important to remember is teledentistry is nothing new. We have been doing teledentistry since the first telephone was invented in 1849—not by Alexander Graham Bell, but by an Italian.

As soon as two people could talk to each other on the telephone, and one complained about a toothache, that was teledentistry-using telecommunications in the care, treatment, and education of dentistry. Healthcare providers have been providing telephone consultations ever since. Now, adding a video component to that conversation allows the doctor to see the patient and visually assess the patient. And, telemedicine has been available since 2002, providing medical care virtually.

Impact of COVID-19 on Telemedicine growth

Impact of COVID-19 on Telemedicine growth

COVID-19 pandemic is disrupting human life and is a biggest threat for humans restricting folks to go to a public place and also social gatherings. At this crucial time, telemedicine has proven itself as one of the biggest weapon to fight against this threat. Demand of telemedicine experienced a sudden shoot drastically. As per studies and predictions the use of telemedicine will grab a seven fold height in upcoming five years. In present stage, our society needs a strong medium to maintain social distancing and medical centers were a place where physical presence of patients was mandatory to get the medical assistance. But telemedicine is giving a pathway to access the medical assistance virtually using technology. Why telemedicine is gaining popularity? Telemedicine is offering a number of opportunities which are increasing standard of care. Every day this technology is scaling up its features and serving with much better solutions. Few of the opportunities offered by telemedicine: User-friendly sensors: Telemedicine allow the patients to conduct their diagnosis remotely. That means no more physical appearance at the medical care centers. With the help of telemedicine software now tracking health conditions is easier and accurate too.

New face of medical sector

Telemedicine: New face of medical sector

The present scenario, when folk is deprived of every facility, being deprived from the medical facilities is one of the greatest threat to the human life which may risk someone’s life too. But technological growth has a solution for each and every problem. It is said, necessity is the mother of invention, and those inventions which are made before it is required are majorly rejected by the society. A remote medical treatment was one of those amazing facet of technological growth that facilitated the health care service providers to serve patients remotely and the invention of a successful software was done that can detect the body temperature of patient sitting in front of the connected computer screen miles away from the source computer, and even other detection were possible with the software called HIPAA compliant video conference tool.. But it had to face a mass rejection at the time of emergence. But now, either you say due to the current scenario or folks are much more tech savvy, the telemedicine has gained its importance in the health sector and now folks are accepting it all across the globe without any doubt. No more queues and no more awaited appointments, this amazing software allows you to connect with your physician virtually from any place based on your comfort.

Applications of telemedicine

Applications of Telemedicine

In recent days, telemedicine has gained popularity among common folks. Now people are opting telemedicine options instead of physically visiting the healthcare specialist. In this critical scenario, when folks are restricted from visiting public places, telemedicine is allowing all folks to connect with their health consultants and getting them closer. There are number of applications developed with the help of technology to boost health sector. If you are willing to know more about the major applications and there uses then you are on the right page. Chronic Health Management: A regular heath checkup or any serious health issue, weight checkup, blood pressure, temperature, pulse, etc. are the major aspects which are monitored by any doctor. To do all these physical presence was mandatory, but now with the help telemedicine chronic health management is easy and can be done remotely. Chronic Health Management: A regular heath checkup or any serious health issue, weight checkup, blood pressure, temperature, pulse, etc. are the major aspects which are monitored by any doctor. To do all these physical presence was mandatory, but now with the help telemedicine chronic health management is easy and can be done remotely.

Factors driving telemedicine towards growth

Factors driving telemedicine towards growth

A number of aspects of real technological world are changing our day to day life and medical sector is undergoing through a tremendous change making a new way for the technological inception. The biggest issues faced by medical sector were its unavailability in most of the rural area, due to which a huge number of folks were deprived of medical assistance. For every minor issue they required to travel a longer distance to consult a professional. Also till past era, medical sector was bounded into geo-locations. People were forced to select a consultant, who is near to their residence. Telemedicine has emerged as a one-stop solution for all these mentioned aspects. Behind development of medical sector, there are a number of factors that pushing up the medical industry with great changes. Few factors that have made major changes in this sector are listed here. To know more about the factors of medical sector development, keep reading. Improved data management: As per current scenario and the studies conducted in the healthcare sector, a huge amount of data is being generated in data to day work of medical sector. Managing data needs tremendous manual work that engage a huge labor.

Get to know all about telemedicine

Get to know all about telemedicine

Each phase of development comes up with a positive and a negative side, so as telemedicine also. Emergence of telemedicine has brought a great change in the health and care sector and has made it accessible for every folk all-round the globe without keeping any geo-location bars. As per the latest survey conducted in the medical sector stated that approx. 90% of medical professionals have already opted or in surge of opting telemedicine techniques. Undoubtedly telemedicine has extended its wings to serve the society with its best outcomes, still the sector have certain challenges to go through for the most prominent solutions. Let’s know the achievements and also drawbacks of telemedicine sector in detail. Pros and cons of telemedicine: Telemedicine is the talk of the day and it has gained popularity among common folks too. There are number of hospitals opting this technology to enhance their user experiences. There are a number of pros but it is also backed up with few cons which we must not neglect and must try to find the best possible alternative which can cover all the cons of telemedicine and make it more productive and efficient.

Technologies used in telemedicine

Technologies used in telemedicine

Technological growth is witnessed in every single sector of today’s world. Either you pick a business sector or the life of a common folk, technology has surrounded us from every possible vertexes. Most of the technological use has been made for the better life style but telemedicine is the only sector where technology has been incorporated to save lives of several people. There are a number of locations all across the world which is not well connected with medical facilities. In past decades, you can observe from the studies that most of the deaths in remote areas are due to lack of accurate medical facility at required time. As a solution, telemedicine is giving an opportunity to every single folk on this world to connect with the best practitioners and get the best treatment regardless of the location they live or time they need to connect with a medical expert. To develop such an amazing miracle in the medical sector, a number of technologies have made a huge contribution. To know more about technologies used in telemedicine, continue reading. WebRTC: It is a one stop solution for real time communication, available in web based and mobile applications.

Antibiotics and vaccines A gift of biotechnology

Antibiotics and vaccines: A gift of biotechnology

World has gone digitized, super swift, high tech, and a lot more advancement has been witnessed by the folks of present era, but also we are in the lap of a number of health issues that are restricting folks to lead their healthy and happy life. Along with the growth in various general life aspects, health issues are also strengthen by some or other means. Earlier also our world was facing such medical issues but the intensity was comparatively lower than present scenario. Hence, the antibiotics and vaccines used in the earlier life are now worthless. Now the present medical scenario demands a better and stronger medical facilities and treatments. Biotechnology has got solution for all these issues, as it offers the most advanced technologies for developing the most effective and harmless medical solutions. As compared to traditional times, now the ways of antibiotics production has been changed a lot and hence have got a number of better medical solutions. As the objective of antibiotics is to hinder the continuous growth of cells, hence cell immobilization is the key solution provided by microbiology to uncouple the growth of cells. For the production of antibiotics, secondary metabolism is one of the greatest methods offered by microbiology.

Applications of environmental biotechnology

Applications of environmental biotechnology

Technological growth has given a new world to live and every single folk is enjoying the rapid advancements and its applications but somewhere we are ignoring the after effects of such developments. Most the adverse effects of technological and other developments are noticed on environment. Each successive day, the amount of pollution in the atmosphere is getting doubled. Pollution is not only effecting pollution but also effecting human lives. As a solution, environment biotechnology is emerging as a boon to restore the quality of our environment. There are certain procedures which are incorporated to retain the environmental quality. This is done by detecting the pollutants and finding best remedies for it. The major that causes pollutions are in three different states, solid liquid and gas. If these substances causing pollution can be resolved then a great difference can be brought in the environment. To sustain the development of life and living being, environmental protection is mandatory. With the continuous growth of population, the consumption of various energy sources are depleting at a fast pace. Hence to secure our world and provide a new source of energy biotechnology has a great role.

Importance of Cell biology

Importance of Cell biology

Falling ill in our day to day life is a commonly seen scenario. In a day approx. 30% of folks feel sickness due to some or other problem related different body parts. Few of those are well familiar, having proper vaccine and treatment but few are really novel to treat it with existing treatments. Do you know, most of the health disorders are related to body cells or molecules? In order to understand various diseases properly and to find the best treatment, cell biology is a crucial factor. Either you talk about malaria or diabetes, cystic fibrosis or types of cancer, almost are caused due to cell or molecule level disorder. By understanding the cell activities and mechanism, cell biologist can determine the issue and are able to find the most potent and effective treatment. Sudden change in the health conditions are troubling human lives. It restricts daily life schedule too, but it can be sorted to a great extent by predicting health conditions. It is now possible with the help of cell biological advancements. It allows experts to determine the health condition of a folk by studying their genetic information. With this technology you can be preventive for your health by taking apt precautions.

Recombination of DNA A drift of transformation in medical sector

Recombination of DNA: A drift of transformation in medical sector

Technology of recombining DNA was discovered years ago and now it is gaining higher values in the medical sector. With the help of biotechnology DNA of different molecules are combined to generate a new species or organisms. This is using in various sectors apart from medical sector, such as agriculture, fishing, and many more. Earlier this technology was termed as genetic transformation but due to a possibility of explosion occurred in the earlier days the experiment was dragged into controversies. The idea behind this experiment was to isolate and modify individual genes. First development of DNA combination occurred when an American Biologist kept the theory that enzymes are responsible for joining and recombining separate species. As per the experts, every living creature has some specific DNA and in the presence of ligase only they can be glued together to generate a new one. Experts determined the ability to transfer foreign genetic material into cells, but this process was very inefficient. Then the development of technology came with a solution to use vectors for the efficient transfer of genes to a bacterial cell.

Biotechnology endorsing health solutions-min

Biotechnology endorsing health solutions

As a wise man said “Health is wealth”, but in today’s hustling and bustling life health is not kept as a prior aspect. In present life, 6 out of 10 folks are grabbed with some or other disease. Even each day is coming up with some or other new diseases which are costing life. Earlier there was no such solution for these deadly diseases but thanks to the development of biotechnology which is continuously helping medical sector to develop best solutions for these medical issues. Let’s get to know how biotechnology is creating a way to cure health issues. Biotechnology has boosted medical sector with vaccines and antibiotics which are developed using inactive or weak microorganisms. With the advanced technologies of biotechnologies even hormones can be formulated to a higher version making it a solution of various diseases. No doubt, vaccines were developed since long but the technology used for the development of vaccines have been changed and also results. If you go back to a decade then vaccines were developed using weak microorganisms to boost the immune response. But with the latest technologies given by biotechnology genes of microorganisms are used to clone it and stimulating the primary immune response.


Biotechnology promoting green energy

In the hustle and bustle of life, almost 95% folks use vehicles to match the speed of this running world. This is becoming the biggest reason for the culmination of natural energy resources. With the continuous use of natural resources, depletion is very near. At a time it was one of the major issues faced by the entire world but now with the advancements of biotechnology we have an apt solution which is not only giving an alternative to use but also helping this world in a number of ways. In recent days, biofuel is gaining a great importance worldwide, let’s get to know what biofuel is and how it is proving a boon for the mankind and nature.

As an alternative of regular fuel, biofuel is emerging in the recent days. This is made using plants and plant derived resources. This type of fuel is only used for transportation process and is derived in two types, i.e. bioethanol and biodiesel. Now let’s get familiar with these types of biofuel.

Bioprinting A Transformation In The Sector Of Medical Science

Bioprinting: A Transformation In The Sector Of Medical Science

Medical is one of the most important sectors not only in terms of technological growth but as a life savior. The advancements are very rapid and are giving new ways with which solving critical health issues are even possible. One of the major advancement is bioprinting which has emerged as a boon in tissue engineering and the advancement is completely oriented towards reconstructing and restoring the damaged tissues and organs too. A number of bioprinting technologies have been developed in the recent years and are well utilized for the various applications in real life. Bioprinting includes various methods of scaffolds fabrications to replicate certain tissues, vessels, heart valves, etc. In biomimicry each component of the native tissue is replicated as it is but is not a simple task, it includes a number of aspects to consider along with the procedure, such as temperature, pressure, and other electrical forces. In this approach our medical sector zeal to replicate the embryonic structural and environmental structure and the end goal of this procedure is to create identical embryologic anatomy. Development of these discrete units is done with an objective of self-development of tissues with the help of embryologic anatomy.

disease diagnosis

Biotechnology In The Sector Of Disease Diagnosis And Its Treatment

Using a living organism for the improvement or reconstruction of a product is termed as biotechnology. Creation of any animal, plant, and even evolving of any micro-organism is done effectively with the use of biotechnology. In recent days, biotechnology has emerged with a number of advancements in various sectors. Here, we are discussing the amazing achievements of biotechnology in medical sector. Earlier, death rates were really high and the reason was futile disease diagnosing system, but now diagnosing a disease is much easier and appropriate.  With the breakthrough of DNA (Deoxyribonucleic Acid) detection has provided a new way to the medical sector. DNA is one of the basic hierarchies which is present in every form of life, right from the bacteria till the giant elephant. Cloning word itself refers to replication an object with all its characteristics. In molecular cloning, a molecule is replicated to produce a group of molecules with same DNA. The molecule cloning is done by taking the DNA of objected molecule and then treating it with apt enzymes in a test tube. This results in the generation of DNA fragments which is then combined with trajectory DNA to obtain the desired one.


Exciting Development In The Sector Of Biotechnology

Evolution of technological growth is at its peak and every day is coming you with new and more effective approach for the betterment of society. Biotechnological growth is one of the greatest examples of this transformational world and is continuously enhanced with the latest innovations, breakthroughs and developments. As per the studies conducted in the sector of biotechnology it is depicted that upcoming five years will come with approx. 400% advancements and improved solutions. For delicate medical analysis a sophisticated technology was required which can detect certain health conditions immediately and can report the doctors and as a solution biotechnological advancements has offered biosensors. With the help of biosensors, monitoring of blood pressure, pulse rate, body temperature, breathing, etc. It is making medical sector more sensible and swift too. 3D bio printing is one of the biggest achievements in the sector of biotechnology. With this technology, medical sector is able to save a number of live and assist folks in regaining their day to day life. 3D bio printings are not less than a revolution in this sector and enable us to create various human body parts using living cells, such as skin, heart valves, etc.

3d molecule

Potential of nanotechnology in medical sector

The word nano take us to the tiniest shapes but the measurement of nano is much smaller than what we expect. Nano can be defined as one billionth of something. The measuring scale of nano is recently been added to almost every business sector including medical sector. It is allowing the medical professionals to measure and study the tiniest particles like cell components, viruses, DNA, and more. With the help of nano technology, medical sector has developed sub microscopic labs, tools, tubes and robots. DNA is the most basic element of human body, with the manipulation of DNA a number of diseases can be treated effectively by having a great control over the growth of DNA. Use of nanotechnologies is done by using nanoparticles for the treatment for which nano-robots are developed in the form of medicines to revitalize the cellular parts of a body. There are certain diseases that require crucial substances for a particular cell development as a treatment of the disease, for example cancer. With the help of nanotechnology, particles are engineered which can effectively engage with the affected cells and repair it with a direct treatment.

Healthcare and technology moving hand on hand for the best results

Healthcare and technology moving hand on hand for the best results

Advancements in the medical sector is not hidden from anyone, every single eye in this world has witnessed a great transformation in the medical assistance and the medical professionals too. Innovation is sole reason for this excellent transformation of medical health sector. In the past few decades, medical industry has gone through several advancements, right from the scanning machines till remote medical assistance. A world technology is not a single element which is responsible for this giant change, but it has enclosed several innovations within this world. If compared to past decade, now we are answerable to a number of diseases which were unknown before a decade. Not only we have answers for those but also we have effective treatment for almost diseases. Technologies are not majorly developed for the medical sector, but with the help of great professionals and technological developments, now we are able to modify and utilize latest technologies in medical sector too, such as artificial intelligence, big data, virtual reality, augmented reality, sensors and many more. In the first view the above mentioned technologies take you to the gaming zone, finance department, or huge IT sectors.

Close up of a doctors hands putting Holter monitor device on woman.

Medical tricorder: A new ray of hope for better healthcare

If you take a survey then five out of every ten folk is struggling with some or other health disorder and two among those are at the critical stage due to late diagnosis of the disease. To put an end to this issue, a regular health checkup is required, so that you can understand your health condition and do the needful to get rid of it. But the question is “how many of us go to the medical practitioner for a routine healthcare checkup?” Answer will be very few. To avoid this condition, several scientists and inventors are trying to develop a device which will be handy and can be afforded by every single folk to practice their self-health checkup. The device is names as medical tricorder, a portable handheld device for diagnosing health conditions within seconds. The device is not available in the real world market but several brains are working for this great invention with an intension to upgrade the medical sector. Experts have developed a huge variety of devices to support the medical professionals diagnosing various types of diseases. Each type of disease has a distinct device and the operations of such device are known to the practitioners only. There is no such device which is capable enough to diagnose distinct types of health conditions.

Impact of technology on health care sector

Impact of technology on health care sector

A new era of telemedicine has been emerged with the advancements of technology and its use in the healthcare industry. Evolution of technology has enabled health care professionals to provide more promising treatments to the patients regardless of their location and situation. If you talk about the impact of technology over the healthcare sector then it is countless, but few major transformation that has been brought by the technological growth are access to the best medical practitioner anywhere from the world, immediate medical assessment of a patient, latest treatment technologies and many more. Incorporation of digital platform is one of the best advancements in medical and also a great reason for the change of medical phase. Health records must be kept for years and years, because any further treatment may require the details of your health record or any type of treatment taken by the patient in his medical history for an effective and also safe treatment. Keeping such records manually is really a tough task for a folk. Now, technology has a solution for this problem as it have given an option to save health records along with the health checkup reports in the cloud system.

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