IOT & Manufacturing Industry

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Much is being stated about Industry 4.0 and how this has changed the manufacturing landscape. Manufacturers have been able to improve operational visibility, save costs, shorten manufacturing times, and provide superior customer service owing to Industry 4.0. It is past time to shift our focus beyond Industry 4.0 to Industry 5.0. Whereas the industrial revolution 4.0 concentrated on employing technology to optimize manufacturing methods, the next is all about connecting humans and machines, or human-smart system collaboration.

The Internet of Things is (still) THE Key Factor.

Even though the Internet of Things (IoT) has become a more prevalent and ubiquitous tech inside the manufacturing industry, it continues to have been at the front of trend listings every year due to its versatility and creativity — but the current year is no different. IoT, which also entails the interconnection of distinctive devices inside of an established internet infrastructure has allowed manufacturers to produce knowledgeable, strategic decisions relying on real data as well as to attain a variety of objectives, such as cost reduction, increased efficiency, greater reliability, and innovative products, among others. A study says nearly one-third of industries already have adapted embedded intelligence as well as smart devices.

COVID-19’s remotely monitoring as well as anticipatory maintenance features have reignited demand in the Internet of things. Field service personnel arriving on construction sites on short notice is impracticable, if not impossible, from the public safety standpoint; each work assignment must be methodically planned. IoT devices allow manufacturers to securely monitor the performance of the equipment situated at a different location and recognize possible problems well before defective occurs; IOT also allows technicians to obtain a complete insight into the problem and end up coming up having potential solutions before arriving on the job site, allowing them to get in and out faster.

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