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How to get a relief from the threat of corona virus?

Corona Virus, a major threat prevailing globally is raising a risk for a number of lives. Most of the countries are affected due to this deadly virus and is a huge number of people are affecting from this virus. A slight contact of folks with an affected person can influence others increasing infections worldwide. Due to this threat, healthcare institutions are undergoing a huge pressure, as they have to test each person suspected to be infected from corona virus. The virus is spreading at a great frequency but health centers with the equipment to detect this virus are least all over the globe which is increasing pressure over the health centers.

But for every problem there is a solution and technological advancement always comes up with better options. Artificial intelligence has got a solution for this problem also. Let’s get to know what solution technology has gifted to the world.

Solution for Corona virus detection:

The reason behind swift spread of corona virus is late detection of this virus. If our health department can detect the virus at an early stage and quarantine all those folks, then it can be controlled in a quickly.

This can be achieved with the help of artificial intelligence as per recent innovations and searches. The initiation has been taken by two Indian origin researchers, one from Australia and other from the United States of America. Both have led their teams in the development procedure of apps which can assist folks to detect presence of corona virus within their body using artificial intelligence.

As per the latest updates, an Australian AL digital health company has launched an app on 4th March 2020 which will assist healthcare centers to reach effected people really early by detecting the symptoms and giving an alert to folks about a complete health checkup.

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