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Working of The Electronic Document Management System

An electronic document management system is the one which can capture, store, organize, retrieve and even enable the fast processing of the documents. Document destructions are also considered to be a part of the document management as well. Since everything happens using the electronically operated machines and the documents are created or converted in the digital format, it is called the electronic document management. The main idea behind the creation of these systems is to create a formalized and centralized system which can take care of all aspects of document management on its own.

The first stage of the documentation management is that of the capturing of document or data. The documents which are generated electronically are already in the digital format hereas the ones in the physical form need to be scanned for digitizing for further processing. The different size scanners are used for scanning. The next step is generally to make these safe and secure with different and varied storage options. Data storage shall not mean that it can not be retrieved. Rather, there shall be convenient retrievability of documents by whosoever needs the same. If the documents are of a nature where restricted access is to be granted, then proper authorizations need to be developed in the access systems. These can be done conveniently by building different forms and layers of identity verification.

The electronic document management system can be gainfully utilized for managing automated workflow. These also come with the function of version control. This means that documents which are edited or where the details are noted down at subsequent stages of processing, the system ensures that the old one is stored and/or replaced with the new one. Further, the need for integrating the data with the applications can be met by using these systems. If someone wants to send the document through email the EDMS can be configured suitably.

This is an appropriate system to be used for interconnecting the remote locations and facilitating the transfer of documents from one location to another using the server based database management. The documents and records are managed remotely and same can thus be used by more than one person and from more than one location at the same time. This also facilitates the transfer of heavy data which may not be possible with email or through other medium.

The last stage of the document management process is reached when some of the documents, that have outlived their utility, might need to be trashed or destroyed. The EDMS can tell you when the life time of the documents is getting expired and whether these need to be deleted or not. The companies do follow a very carefully charted out document destruction policy depending on the life span of each of the document. Due authorizations shall be obtained for destruction of documents or records. The provision for these authorizations can be built into the electronic records management system as well.

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