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Customer Experience Management

Customer Experience Management

Why is Customer Experience Management Important?

Recently Customer Experience Management (CEM) has started to get more profile but it is still just a good idea emerging into an area of marketing thought currently dominated by Customer Relationship Management (CRM). A quick check on Google cites approximately 250 times more listings for CRM as it does for CEM and on Overture, for every one person searching on CEM almost 90 search on CRM. Yes, CEM is currently a poor cousin to CRM. If it is to grow up and become a powerful business tool it must move out of marketing and directly link itself to business outcomes.

The main reason for this lack of understanding is down to thinking experience management is too complicated for their business. Granted, the title itself seems a little wordy, but when you break down experience management the rewards of getting it right are obvious. We all want to make our customers happy, right? Well then, experience management is for you and you should be taking steps to improve this area of your company.

Let’s break down the topic. Your customer is anyone coming through your doors – whether they be virtual (on the internet, over the telephone) or physical (coming into your shop). Their experience is what happens when they are interacting with your website, speaking to your employees on the telephone or buying something in your shop. Management of this experience is just another way of controlling the situation and making your customers’ experience as enjoyable and productive as possible. As we all know that bad customer service can lead us to shop elsewhere, the smart businesses will understand that their customer experience needs to be constantly improved so that their customers will return to them and not their competitors.

Many businesses are turning to handy software and smartphone apps to help them streamline their customer service processes and make their customers experience better and better. The point of this type of software is to put the customer in control and keep them informed at all times, in real time, so that the customer will experience a quicker, simpler and easier service and they will feel more in control of their enquiry.

This type of software is especially helpful to businesses that use contact centres to process customer queries, as the software can be integrated into an existing system. Customer details, transactional data and records of previous calls are all recorded, so that the employee dealing with the customer knows all about any existing customer service issues and can deal with the enquiry effectively. This in turn will improve your customers’ experience by increasing service levels, delivery success rate, fix times etc. Software for field service workers is suitable for use in IT, engineering, retail, sales, delivery and distribution and can be tailored to suit the needs of your business, depending on the type of service that you offer to your customers.

Customer Experience Management software can bring order, focus and efficiency to your business, allowing you to concentrate on keeping your customers happy. Make sure you start managing your customers’ experience today and bring a sense of unity to your entire operation, saving valuable time and making your customers come back to you time and time again.

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