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What Quality Assurance Testing Is All About?

The software quality assurance and the testing section was built out of the necessity to assure that the application delivered to a client operated according to specifications and was free of flaws.

Though this segment has been around for decades, some analysts and Development Company have paid very attention to the emerging market, until quite recently.

In this section, we will discuss the new employment potential expedited by this emerging segment.

The Value of Quality Assurance and Testing in Software Development

The requirement for organizations to deploy software tools for maintaining competitiveness and improving productivity has propelled growth in the software development business over most of the past decade.

But as the complexity of applications increased, the chance of flaws and errors code in the new applications has also increased.

To guarantee that such flaws and unwanted codes are recognized and resolved in a timely manner, the industry has developed a range of Quality Assurance and Testing systems.

The implementation of these practices was the cornerstone for the development of the specialized field of software testing within the industry.


Their role is very significant and occasionally they take charge of the procedure on the companies. A quality manager is supposed to possess particular qualities that involve effective communication skill, customer-oriented approach, superb meeting skill, superior analytical skills, effective leadership ability to lead projects, a necessary understanding of software and knowledge with regards to ideas, tools, and many quality management procedures.


In information technology industry the responsibilities of the qa testing company in a wide way is same. But, there are certain particular duties which are different from any other enterprise.

The qa testing company carries our duties just like inspecting methods, products, and tools. All of these are examined in terms of the agreement with the organization rules and regulations as well as industry policies.

He also verifies the functionality and performance of the products and procedure. The test procedure is also determined by him and modification is carried out if required. He audits and documents the test results and creates and implements alterations.

Outsourcing of some of the testing activities or in some cases outsourcing of the complete testing function is gaining popularity amongst most IT companies. Data suggest that in the long run outsourcing can not only help save significance costs associated with managing quality but also allows organizations to go to market faster with their products. There are a lot of testing services vendors that cover a wide spectrum of offerings ranging from manual testing to process implementation to tools expertise.

However, due to the abundance there, it is important for all organization to evaluate each potential vendor and assure that they really have the credentials and the right expertise.

Check the references and look at the testing tools implementation. You may need to guarantee that the potential merchant has an internal training program to train and test manual testers on todays sophisticated testing devices. Check if they have testing tools approved consultants on staff.

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