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What Is Software as a Service or SaaS Technology?

Interest in SaaS technology (Software as a Service) has skyrocketed in recent years. If you are wondering, “what is Software as a Service (SaaS) technology?” and how it can improve the service you offer your clients, you will find this article helpful. Why is SaaS so popular? Prior to SaaS, only traditional software applications were available to the Performance Improvement industry.
Wikipedia defines Software as a service (SaaS, typically pronounced [sæs]) as “sometimes referred to as “on-demand software,” is a software delivery model in which software and its associated data are hosted centrally (typically in the (Internet) cloud) and are typically accessed by users using a thin client, normally using a web browser over the Internet.”
Many large Performance companies have made the decision to migrate their client solution to SaaS technology because it is much more affordable than traditional software to maintain plus it is far faster to implement. In addition client solutions can in most cases be fully managed by the end customer as well.
Gen X and Y employees are demanding more hands-on access to self-manage their companies programs and this trend is just beginning. For these managers only a true SaaS solution delivers a completely user friendly solution and of equal importance if the on-going enhancements and product updates that SaaS software providers can deliver. It’s the norm to see new product enhancements being released every 8-weeks and these enhancement often see completely new modules, tools and enhancements that improve the user experience.
SaaS technology has removed the need for Performance improvement companies to build and maintain large IT departments because with a SaaS solution there are limited IT support requirements internally since SaaS solutions are generally launch ready and come with a full IT support team. In addition SaaS makes it fast and easy to deploy new upgrades and most solution providers deliver a steady flow of new and exciting features and upgrades as part of their IT development roadmap.
SaaS technology offers Performance improvement companies the ability to offer a secure, affordable, scalable and easily accessible method to deliver employee recognition, performance, loyalty, training and even global reward management solutions; all on a global scale.
Once an organization has adopted SaaS into their workflow, it is seamless for the performance improvement company to add new features and enhancements to their client’s application. The process of activating a new module or application is for the most simply a click of a button and once a new module is activated this opens up new sources of revenues for the solution providers.

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