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Enterprise Architecture

Enterprise Architecture

What is Federal Enterprise Architecture?

Federal Enterprise Architecture (FEA) is a rather complex term that refers to the business system and architecture of unsurprisingly, a Federal Government. As with corporate organisations, governments’ can also require help in streamlining their operations amidst growing calls for political transparency and budget curtailing.

Enterprise Architecture (EA) is essentially a management practice to help businesses look at their resources with a view to improving their overall performance – in essence, saving money and generating increased profit. An EA outlines the current state of the business model, publishing plans to move from the current unsustainable practice, to improved practices.

Moving forwards, an FEA model encompasses a set of tools that will give a Federal Government a framework to study IT resources and local agency collaborations, to create a standard approach to looking at how each individual agency is performing and thus, improving performance. It also looks at multi-agency collaboration, making sure investments are sustainable, showing any gaps in performance and reducing overall costs.

Using different reference models to help achieve a successful organisation, FEA draws from the following models: Performance Reference; Business Reference; Service Component Reference; Data Reference and the Technical Reference models. Perhaps most easily understood of all the models, the Service Component Reference Model looks at customer services, back office services and business analytical services, to make sure there are no wasted facilities in a business and improving overall customer service satisfaction.

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