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Every industry undergoes different phases on innovations and with every preceding year comes with a new gift for its customers, likely travel and hospitality industry keeps evolving latest trends and tactics making it more comfortable and amazing for the customers. Each time New Year comes with a change in travel and hospitality industry, no matter big or small but makes a great difference for all voyagers. If you are also an excited traveller who remains excited to travel a lot and if now looking for the advancements in this industry to plan next amazing and memorable trip then you are on the right page. Here we have collected a few of the expected changes in travel and hospitality sector.

Does benchmarking is important in the hospitality sector?

Does benchmarking is important in the hospitality sector?

There are number and number of hotels all across the world. If we only count even top five star hotels all around the world, then also the count will easily cross the numeric of 100. Apart from the top renowned five star and three star hotels there are many more hotels in the world. In a city, you can find a hotel in every third road. If you consider competition, travel and hospitality sector is indulged with highest numbers of competitors. Each hotel is finding a way to get more and more numbers of check-ins. Almost hotels spend a huge amount of money in advertising and renovating hotel with the latest trend but usually forget the objective for which they are doing it. If you are just walking with the trend and doing the same as your competitors are doing then why one should choose your hotel over others? If you really want to stand out of the competition and set a benchmark for the travel and hospitality industry then you need to think innovatively and have to find a new way that can serve you with an extraordinary space in your business sector as well as audience’s checklist.

Top business hotels of world, renowned for their class and best hospitality

Top business hotels of world, renowned for their class and best hospitality

Hotels are not just a shelter for those who are far from their home, instead it is more a luxury summing up to the life of folks accommodating there. Now a day’s most of the folks book a hotel to spend their vacation at an exotic destination and to live with great comforts and outstanding hospitality. There are number of hotels all over the world but there are few which have ranked as top business hotels in the travel and tourism sector. If you are willing to know about those outstanding and renowned hotels then you are on the right page. Here we have poised a brief detail about top hotels. The Ritz-Carlton, Dubai International Financial Center (Dubai, UAE): Dubai is renowned for sheer luxury and The Ritz-Carlton acts as a crown of this outstanding and marvelous city. Ritz-Carlton is one of the most renowned hotels in the heart of the city with all 5 star amenities.

travel and hospitality technology

Need of technology in the rising sector of Travel and Hospitality

Till past era, technology was not that an important aspect for travel and hospitality sector but now it’s high time for collaboration. Present era runs on a fast pace where everyone is busy with the hustle and bustle of their daily lifestyle and wish to get an instant solution for each and every requirement and now even travel and hospitality sector is also greatly influenced with it. Most the booking made by customers are online which also includes their personal details and this invites a great need of technological assistance.

If you are seeking for a technological assistance but puzzled with the options available then you are on the right page. Here you will get a brief detail about the basic technological requirements of a travel and tourism industry.

Digital trends that will have a great impact on the travel and hospitality sector

Digital trends that will have a great impact on the travel and hospitality sector

For any business sector having an online presence it is crucial to have online presence, but it comes to travel and hospitality business it becomes a step ahead than crucial. The sector grows on the basic pillar of trust, as maximum audience or the customers will not be from the same location or are not much familiar to the destination they are going to. They just plan their trip totally depending on their travel agent. As per the results of a study conducted on the travel and hospitality industry it has been depicted that approx. 81% of total travel booking were done online in 2018, whereas this digital count was increased by 2% in the  2019. This demonstrates that almost travelers finds and secure their travel plans over internet. Digital existence is dominating the market in the present era and in a way it is compelling entire businesses to hop on to the digital platform and get ready for the competition.