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Top Web Development Trends to Look Out For

With the recent series of advancements in the Internet and its technology, we have experienced a massive ongoing change in the web development process. The online platform is nowadays used for every single task from shopping, banking, to reading daily updates and everything. The demand for web development is quite high and that is what the online web developers should aim at. If you happen to own a website of yourself, then you must be able to keep pace with the ongoing web development trends on the online platform. From the website development up to the final execution of the online services, the meaning of each one of them changes every single day. Here are some of the leading web development trends that you need to look out for:

  • Use of Artificial Intelligence: Whenever the topic of future of technology is raised, AI (Artificial Intelligence) is always high on the agenda. Due to the advancements of the Internet technology, several advances have been made in this area. Some of the leading companies like Google, Microsoft, and Facebook have been doing research on the advancement of the AI technology to bring optimization of the web development. Artificial Intelligence is used by the larger applications and can change the overall scenario of the website development.
  • Applications of Virtual Reality: Another aspect that has been related to the future of technology is the virtual reality or VR. This trend is already being used extensively in the gaming industry. Several leading names like Mozilla and Google have begun working on their APIs for bringing about the VR technology trend to the website development. The upcoming years can observe the use of virtual reality in various applications for the ease of the users.
  • IoT (Internet of Things): This is a leading movement where the various non-Internet connected objects are given proper network connectivity such that they are able to send and receive data. The objects can range from the kettle or toaster to even sensors and remotes that are embedded for detecting various cracks and weaknesses. IoT brings in a lot of opportunity for introducing innovation to the online platform.
  • Static Site Generators: The static site generators are a great way for the designing and development of the websites. The best feature of this kind of website development is that there is no need of a database. Instead, the web pages of the site function as simple files that run on the servers. This enhances the website loading speed along with ease of deployment and better security handling. Therefore, we can observe the incoming trend of static site generators in the recent times.
  • Ruby on Rails: This application that was released in June 2016, it is all set to become much more popular in the coming years. Rails come with a myriad of options including Turbolinks 5 as well as ActionCable that has become the favorite of the website developers. With the help of Turbolinks 5, the web developers are able to create single page applications directly from the Rails stacks. With this application, there is no need for client-side JavaScript frameworks. Ruby on Rails 5 offers several benefits including performance enhancements and improved aesthetic flexibilities. It also allows the web developers for focusing more on the overall appearance of the website.
  • Motion UI: The newest version of the Motion UI functions through the flexible CSS patterns with several JavaScript libraries. It also enables the seamless integration of exciting and attractive animations into the websites. Therefore, it can serve as a great tool in effective website development. With its help, the web pages no longer have to be boring and two dimensional experience. The website developers can bring about this useful application that would change the overall dimension of the websites.

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