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The most recognized Indian Identity  

Sundar Pichai, Chief Executive Officer of Alphabet

The most recognized Indian Identity

Sundar Pichai, Chief Executive Officer of Alphabet

Well India is famous for a number of things but a star of this shining is of course Pichai Sundararajan, who is much more familiar as Sundar Paichai, the CEO of Alphabet Inc. and Google LLC. The name he have in the technological world is a hard earned asset and the story of his brilliance and foresight for technological future is far ahead than we imagine. His journey of technological world started with McKinsey & Company and then a revolutionary move of his life joined his career when he joined Google in 2004 as a management executive. Willing to know more the super star and his innovative ideas? Then continue your reading.

Success story of Sundar Paichai:

Sundar apichai has travelled so long from a management executive till CEO of Google and Alpahbet, the grand names of technological world. This amazing journey took 15 years and during this journey a number of innovative ideas has been introduced by this master mind which has been came up as great transformations. Born in 1972, Sundar Paichai is an Indian American business executive. His early life was in Chennai and early education was also from the same place.

His innovations includes suite for Google’s client, Google chrome, Chrome OS, and also Google drive. Other amazing achievement of Sundar Paichai which transformed the use of technology are Gmail, Google Maps, and many more.

During his tenure in Google he has achieved a number of awards and the numbers of awards are exponentially increasing with his every innovative idea.

Google Chrome is termed as one of the master piece among Sundar Paichai’s innovations. In today’s technological world Google Chrome is known as one of the best and most preferred browsers and the reason is its swift performance and user friendly features. This brilliant ideas had to face a rejection at the very initial stage by the team saying that there are number of existing web browsers then investing in an application that has to face a huge competition will be not a wise idea but Sundar Paichai was confident on his idea and had a foresight too about the successful future.

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