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The Key To Great Workflow Management Software

We all appreciate that the most effective job workflows are the ones that users will find intuitive, easy to use and userfriendly.

For service management businesses it is vital that field workers are able to simply move through step-by-step workflow stages and lists on their mobile device. This enables workers when they are at an appointment to not only maximize the time they spend but also ensures a good job is well done and completed on time.

So here are ten essentials that make up great workflow management software.

Flexibility – you should be able to define workflows to suit your requirements

Intuitive and easy to use – workflow software should ensure that your field workers can simply move through step-by-step action lists and checklists on their mobile device

Automated communications – workflows should integrate automated communications, such as automatic SMS text confirmation of appointments together with automatically managed and escalating letters

Inbuilt email capabilities – so you can communicate with customers easily and efficiently then email capabilities should also be available. Email capabilities should be highly configurable and capable of sending emails to workers and customers at various stages

Captures contact notes – any contact with customers should be captured as notes, compliments, complaints or any other type of defined events

Completely configurable – flexible surveys should be completely configurable and able to be related to jobs and assets to inform analysis and planning

Fully compatible with smart phones – workflows should seamlessly integrate with iPhone, Android and Windows platforms so workflows can be used on multiple mobile devices

Use advances in SMS technology – workflows should utilize intelligent, threaded two-way SMS technology which uniquely threads conversations and matches responses to outbound messages. (For example, new jobs can be offered on a first-come first-serve basis to suppliers so you know who responds, or optional appointment dates can be offered to customers so you can record their preference)

Electronic audit trails – these should be automatically maintained for all communication, works and events and stages

And finally – workflows must drive business efficiencies and improve service delivery and workforce productivity!


Workflow software should meet the ten essentials listed above in order to be a great business tool, able to drive efficiencies, service levels and productivity.

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