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VoIP bringing a great change in telecommunication industry

VoIP bringing a great change in telecommunication industry

VoIP, in today’s fast track world almost folks are familiar with it. Not with the name, but with the uses and are also using it. Voice over internet protocol and is most commonly known as phone service over internet. In today’s digital world everyone is just a click away and VoIP is one of the greatest reasons for this change. You can talk to your people in any country, with just a strong internet connection without paying your network provider for certainly that call or any phone services. Now you might be getting very much familiar with this word. This technology has made a great impact on telecommunication industry. VoIP is gaining more and more importance over plain old telephone services (POTS) and is transforming entire shape of telecommunication industry. But here the question is, does this emerging new telecommunication technology is effecting business? Then the answer is “YES”. The effects of VoIP can be noticed from the end of monopoly, which was booming at a time.

Top trends responsible for transformation of telecom industry 2019

Top trends responsible for transformation of telecom industry 2019

As we all know, since past few years everyone regardless of their choice of network were enjoying free calls and data. As a result telecom industry found a heavy flow of network data on their network every moment. But now it’s a time to turn a new chapter by the telecommunication industry as one of the a leading analytics advisory firm announced the completion of free resources and now as per the report of this analytics advisory firm each telecom operator is seeking for a way to monetize the huge data flooding their networks daily. Now telecom industry is reshaping with the adoption of latest cloud based technologies. At this time of industry fragility, each business need to keep them updated with the latest trends and technologies of the telecommunication industry to win the competition.


What advancements we can expect from 5G networks?

Telecom industry is one of the most booming sectors that are growing exponentially keeping every parallel step with the technological growth. In present world no one is untouched from a smartphone, right from a toddler. Advancements of telecom industry has brought us up to 4G networks that aims to serve a better even best video experience to the users, but still folks at a time struggle with a network congestion and loses the quality of their call or video. Next generation telecom industry will be 5G which will give a permanent solution to many issues faced by the telecom industry and will serve with a number of aspects which being still assessed, but one which has been emerged as an outstanding aspect is serving with private networks. With the help of this technology, industries and companies can get their dedicated network which will be 100% congestion free and allow them to use as much as they can, in the way they want to use it.


How Artificial intelligence and machine learning are used by telecommunication industry?

Artificial intelligence and machine learning are most booming sectors of technology. Now these technologies are also becoming a reason for great transformations in the telecom sector. In present technological growth of telecom sector, artificial intelligence and machine learning are the strongest pillars which assist this sector in every single bit improvement, right from the enhancement of customer’s experience till automating maintenance of their networks for the flawless and uninterrupted services. Well reliability on artificial intelligence and machine learning are not limited till here in this sector, but there are a number of ways in which this sector is utilizing technological growth, such as network optimization, robotic process automation, fraud detection, and many more.

Top challenges for the telecom industry

Top challenges for the telecom industry

A rapid change has been witnessed by the telecom industry in the past few years. Along with the technological growth this industry has undergone a huge transformational phase, and this giant transformation has completely altered market trends of telecommunication industry. The emergence of smartphones, wearable gadgets, mobile apps, and so on are widely responsible to change the way of consumption of telecommunication services by the customers and also have greatly impacted the number of customers which has taken a huge exponential leap.

Phases of Telecommunication sector:

At the very beginning phase of telecommunication industry was only focused on communication technologies then with the advancement of technologies this industry expanded its wings towards internet. These advancements not only gave hype in telecom industry but also became a reason for e-commerce portals and other online portals.