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AI robots will solve underwater infrastructure damage checks

Robots will be paired with a versatile AI that can quickly adapt to unpredictable conditions

Can India become an AI hub for the developing world?

A recent report on artificial intelligence (AI) by an Indian government think tank foresees the

Consumers want businesses to have more human-like AI

Research has found most consumers have interacted with AI and would prioritise businesses with human-like

UK and France announce measures to strengthen AI ties

UK Digital Secretary Matt Hancock is visiting France today where he’s set to announce measures

Scientists pledge not to build AIs which kill without oversight

Thousands of scientists have signed a pledge not to have any role in building AIs

China plans new era of sea power with unmanned AI submarines

China is planning to upgrade its naval power with unmanned AI submarines that aim to

Apple aims to simplify AI models with CreateML and Core ML 2

During its annual WWDC event, Apple announced the launch of its CreateML tool alongside the

Google promises its call center AI is not designed to replace humans

Not content with its impressive(ly creepy) Duplex demo, Google promises it’s not wanting to replace

Business Process Management and Six Sigma: Why Neither Can Stand Alone

Business Process Management (BPM) software and its services, originating from the IBM, enable businesses to

Business Process Management Software – Enabling Businesses to Optimize Their Performances

Business process management is a field of management, a branch of management studies. Its focus