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Synonym Of Prodigy And Excellence  

Bill Gates, CEO of Microsoft

Synonym Of Prodigy And Excellence

Bill Gates, CEO of Microsoft

When we talk about personal computers then the name which comes to the mind is Bill Gates, an American business magnet, much more familiar as co-founder of Microsoft Corporation. If you talk about top pioneers of microcomputer revolution, then Bill Gates is one among those genius brains. Gates kept initial brick of Microsoft Corporation in 1975 with his childhood friend which is now recognized as world’s largest personal computer software company. He has of course earned a tag of genius in the world of technology but also has earned a crown of world’s wealthiest document individual.

The very first program developed by Gates was gaming software that allows you to play against computer. At the age of 17, he formed a venture called Traf-O-Data with his pal, Allen. The objective of this venture was to make traffic counters based on Intel 8008 processor. Then it took a great leap of success, a startup venture to the director and CEO of Microsoft.

Journey of Gates with Microsoft:

The story of Microsoft begun when Gates and his pal Allen met MITS president Ed Roberts, in the context of Altair development, a solution for issue of Popular Electronics  Initially when they contacted MITS and informed them that they were working on a BASICX interpreter for the platform, they were actually not having any such Altair. This was done just to grab attention of MITS and they even succeed in that, then within a shortest time span of few weeks they developed one and successfully demonstrated it to the MITS president. From here entrepreneurship of Gates took a leap and they both started a venture and named it Micro-Soft, this name was a combination of microcomputers and software. Within a year they dropped he hyphen in between the venture name and named it MICROSOFT.

IBM partnership:

Microsoft is renowned as one of the best operating system providers but earlier it was only renowned for developing computer software. The journey of operating system started with the partnership with IBM, one of the leading computer equipment suppliers. In 1980, IBM approached Gates concerning software for its upcoming personal computer and also they enquired about operating system. Gates referred them Digital Researchers (DRI), makers of one of the most renowned operating system of that era. But unfortunately the conversation between the IBM representative and Digital Researchers didn’t went well. IBM representative too this issue to Gates and then after few weeks, Gates and Allen proposed an operating system which very much similar to the product of Digital Researchers.

The first version of its retail operating system was launched in November 20, 1985 and was named as Microsoft Windows and hence a successful journey of his brilliance and entrepreneurship continued.

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