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Ritz-Carlton turns to specialist CRM for luxury cruise service

A specialist CRM provider that focuses on the cruise, tour and hotel sector has just signed a deal with the Ritz-Carlton Yacht Collection. Rescompany Systems offers its clients a Central Reservations System (CRS) which is configured towards tailored booking solutions.

As the luxury travel industry places increasing emphasis on tailored offerings, so CRM providers are being asked to support a much more granular level of data and options for customers.

Rescompany Systems (Resco) manages a series of modules designed for the requirements of the cruise, tour, hotel and air packaging sectors. Companies can draw on the technology for personalized booking options, large and small group sales management, GDS integration and more.

New user interfaces and shopping cart features can be accessed by highly customizable user views.

For operators of cruise packages, the company has combined the CRS with its CRM and an onboard system under a single package. It can also add specifically-designed loyalty and business intelligence systems to the ship systems, providing staff with a much higher degree of customer intelligence and engagement.

Ritz-Carlton currently operates more than 90 hotels and 40 residential properties in more than 30 countries and territories worldwide. The Ritz-Carlton Yacht Collection was launched in June, when the Marriott International group decided to enter the luxury cruise market with the backing of private equity fund Oaktree Capital Management.

The first three lavish cruising yachts are scheduled to launch in Q4 of 2019, while reservations are due to open in May 2018. The first operational yacht will sail in a number of key global cruising areas, including the Mediterranean, Northern Europe and the Caribbean.

Key Takeaways:

• Rescompany, founded by a team of experienced IT and travel industry professionals, saw a need for a system that could combine customer data management with inventory and price calculations.

• In 2008, Rescompany acquired two businesses, integrating an onboard property management system and a classic hotel management package. All three systems are based on the same technology, and form a comprehensive product portfolio.

• The Ritz-Carlton yachts will feature small-capacity, luxury vessels that can take up to 300 guests. The yachts have been designed to call at unique locations that are typically not accessible to larger cruise ships.

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