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Reddit: a new face of NEWS channels  

Alexis Kerry Ohanian Co-founder of Reddit

Reddit: a new face of NEWS channels

Alexis Kerry Ohanian Co-Founder of Reddit

In today’s technological world every sector has boarded a digital medium for advancements and enhancements. News is a daily addiction for more of the folks, but in this fast track world hardly people have time to stick to their seats and read all those NEWS papers. Techie audiences required a fast track solution which can match their pace and Ohanian came up with a perfect solution with the perfect social news platform, allowing users to share their ideas and knowledge. In the race of technology even NEWS sector is not untouched. The first step towards technology in the NEWS sector was initiated by Alexis Kerry Ohanian who is also known by the username “Kn0thing”. He is an American Internet entrepreneur and investor and is more renowned as the co-founder and executive chairman of a social news channel known as Reddit. Other achievements of Ohanian were Initialized Capital, Breadpig, Y Combinator, and many more.

Commencement of entrepreneurship:

Initialized capital was co-founded in year 2010 and then the journey of investments continued with Zenefits, Instacart, Opendoor, and Cruise. During college days, Ohanian and his friend pitched an idea about MyMobileMenu to Y Combinator. Anyways, the idea was passed by the company but still they encouraged them to come up with a better idea to attain a potential funding. This encouraged them to come up with a better concept and the result was really great which is now well known as Reddit. The basic idea behind developing this platform was to come to the front page of internet, and it worked. Initially the social news channel, Reddit was developed in Common Lisp but later on this platform was redeveloped in Python language to enhance its features and expand its library too.

Growth of Reddit was instantaneous. Initially this news platform was developed for desktops, and then later on the platform was enhanced with mobile apps, allowing folks to access the social news platform on their mobile phones.

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