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Persistent Systems invests in big data firm Cazena

Persistent Systems invests in big data firm Cazena

Persistent Systems invests in big data firm Cazena

Persistent Systems has announced an undisclosed investment in Cazena, a big dataas a service firm. The investment was part of a $10mn round, that included other investors like Andreessen Horowitz, Formation 8 and Northbridge Venture Partners, among others. As part of the investment round, Cazena has partnered with Persistent Systems to further extend the cloud Data Lake to include self-service data discovery and data services for enterprises that don’t have data engineering or machine learning (ML) skills.

“Persistent consistently drives forward rapid digital transformation for our enterprise clients. Partnering with Cazena enables us to extend innovative solutions for analytics and ML for our customers. We are excited to announce the new Self-Service Data Lake, a combination of Cazena’s Big Data as a Service with Persistent’s ShareInsights analytic solutions and our ML/AI data services. This solution provides enterprises immediate and actionable access to data to help unlock the ‘how’ of digital transformation,” said Anand Deshpande, Managing Director, Persistent Systems.

Cazena is the industry’s first fully-managed Big Data as a Service with built-in DevOps for analytics. The company has gained significant traction as enterprises face massive skills shortages in big data, cloud and associated development operations, or ‘DevOps’.

“Since going GA last year, we have seen a 300% growth in our business. Our goal is to accelerate enterprises’ ability to leverage analytics, machine learning and artificial intelligence, without hiring or re-training their workforce. This round reinforces the support of our existing investors and we are excited to announce our strategic partnership with Persistent,” said Prat Moghe, CEO, Cazena.

Cazena’s flagship solution is its fully-managed and automated cloud Data Lake, which offers a SaaS-like experience for analytics and business teams, with enterprise features for IT.

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