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New Emerging Trends of Project Management In 2018

2018 is passing with a great speed. PMBOK 6th edition edition got affected in PMP exams from 26th march 2018. New trends of project management are changing the whole ecosystem.

To stay successful as a project manager, you should keep yourself updated with the latest trends. I conducted a survey of experts at various forums and have compiled best answers here. Let’s have a quick view on best answers:

Digital Project ManagementTools:

Digital Tools are must for managing projects. They are simply tremendous. Pick a digital tool depending on your workflow, teams and tools that will work better all the time for your business.

Digital project management tools will help project managers manage their projects and help tackle problems to make their work more productive. You can also automate most of your tasks using a digital tool on daily basis for being profitable in the future.

Emotional Intelligence:

A project manager need to have an understanding of emotional intelligence and it will become a growing and influential trend in project management industry.

Project manager need to have the ability to track schedules and budgets for their projects that demands efficiency and productivity. Your emotional intelligence will determine your ability to resolve issue and the success of your project.

Emphasis on Soft Skills:

It is the soft skills in reality that helps us to move forward in our career. The right soft skills like leadership, collaboration and communication will give you an edge and will determine whether you fit in the company culture.

The soft skills are going to be more valued as the demand for the project management is growing, emphasis on soft skills will become the new trend.

Along with the best practices, human interaction side will also be treated important. Project managers will develop a constructive way to address issues of project management as soft skills is becoming high in demand.

The Rise of Business Agile:

Project management software is more appealing to meet the needs of today’s project managers. It is just a trend that enables project managers to deliver high-priority and high quality projects.

It can be challenging to manage Agile and give necessary risks to innovation bringing quick change. Today’s smart organizations are no longer using waterfall project management and have started using an Agile approach.

2018 will see project managers hitting key milestones and provide fast project status with Agile project methodology. Project managers can streamline collaboration and decision making and bringing the results they want to.

The internet of Things:

Internet of things is going to be one of the greatest project management trends. It will affect every part of business. IoT will drive next opportunities and bring a notable effect in 2018.

It will be in project management software and in the project management role itself. It will change the face of project management by allowing team collaboration, increase in project timelines, enhanced security and will allow remote controlling of objects.

Kanban Boards:

Kanban Board is increasingly being integrated into more structured project management. It is composed of a grid to manage workflow that are smaller and solve all your performance of poor project by adding more control mechanism.

It can be used well for those projects that are more likely to have changes for an efficient way to limit work in progress and avoid multitasking. The adaptation of Kanban will let project managers embrace innovation to manage their projects.

It offers managers a centralized place to manage lists, tasks and files with wide packages that can be applied to every situation.

More of Professionalism:

Project management is facing today some big challenges related to project and jobs that are quickly growing to keep up with professionalism. As the project work is huge and complicated, professionalism is important for project managers to form a distinct occupational group.

Using a project management software will give you a professional framework for getting your work done. Professionalism in project management will raise future standards, increase trust that others bestow, improve business relationships at all level and provide a greater chance of success.

Remote Teams:

Remote working teams is becoming a standard in the world of project management. More and more companies are embracing the concept of distributed teams to keep talent from around the world for their projects.

Workers are also Looking for flexibility in work to save hours and their energy. This trend is on rise and project management for remote teams will continue with the collaborative trend.

Project managers are going to invest in technology and tools to promote communication over a wide variety of platforms and foster day-to-day growth in distance work. With the right team collaboration tools, remote work can be managed effectively and can be more productive.

Social Responsibility and Accountability:

Social responsibility is becoming a part of project management and will lead to increase is better accountability in teams. Trustworthiness and accountability will embrace responsibility to encourage a positive impact on environment, employees, stakeholders and other members.

People are increasingly willing to do business with companies that conduct themselves in ways that are socially responsible and accountable. Project managers can change their companies socially responsible behavior at the local level with an improvement in workplace regulations, environmental protections and employee rights.

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