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Mellanox Introduces New High-Performance BlueField Storage Controllers

At FMS 2018, Mellanox introduced yet another new addition to its BlueField family, this time with new storage controllers. The new storage controllers, the BlueField BF1600 and BF1700, are stated as offering ultra-high performance for Ethernet Storage Fabrics, along with extreme efficiency and programmable virtualization for NVMe over Fabrics (NVMe-oF). The new storage controllers can help customers not only build high performing networked flash storage solutions, but highly flexible solutions as well.

According to Mellanox, the two new BlueField storage controllers can hit over 4 million IOPS with NVMe-oF. If the network is configured as either Ethernet or InfiniBand, the controllers are able to hit up to 200Gb/s of network and PCIe bandwidth. This level of performance gives the new controllers an edge over NVMe over RoCE (RDMA over Converged Ethernet), InfiniBand, and TCP/IP. The BlueField SoC integrates the ConnectX-5 network adapter, which allows for a a fully-programmable environment for storage software such as compression, encryption, RAID, and virtualization. The BlueField BF1600 and BF1700 also include smart offloads for storage including NVMe-oF, erasure coding, and T10-DIF data integrity signatures.


The new Mellanox BlueField storage controllers are sampling to select customers with fully qualified solutions expected in the fourth quarter of this year.

Mellanox’ Products

InfiniBand/VPI Adapter Cards

Data centers, high scale storage systems and cloud computing require I/O services such as bandwidth, consolidation and unification, and flexibility. Mellanox InfiniBand adapters provide advanced levels of data center IT performance, efficiency and scalability. In addition, Mellanox’s InfiniBand adapters support traffic consolidation and provides hardware acceleration for server virtualization.

Ethernet Adapter Cards

Mellanox adapter cards are designed to drive the full performance of Ethernet fabrics, leading the market in performance, throughput, and lowest latency. Mellanox’s Ethernet Network Interface Cards (NIC) deliver high-bandwidth and industry leading connectivity with stateless offloads. ConnectX adapter cards provide the highest performing and most flexible interconnect solution for Enterprise Data Centers, Storage, and Embedded environments.

InfiniBand Switch Systems

Mellanox Switch-IB based InfiniBand switch devices provide the highest-performing fabric solution by delivering high-bandwidth and low-latency to Enterprise Data Centers, High-Performance Computing and Embedded environments. Networks built with Mellanox switch systems can carry converged traffic with the combination of assured bandwidth and granular quality of service.

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