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Media and Entertainment

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How to sell sustainability to you customers?

As many as products those many marketing strategies, hence every business plans their marketing strategy in distinct manners keeping a single goal of gaining more and more customers. But least of those are aware of the potential of media and entertainment industry. The word media and entertainment redirects your thought directly to a series or movie as the best pass time and of course you believe it or not, every single person is connected with this media and entertainment sector in one or other way. In other mean if you think then the largest customer base of this world is held by the media and entertainment sector. But have you ever given a thought to grab this huge customer base for your business development.

Customer loss and retention: If you are losing your customer continuously, then stop for a while and think what is missing from your business strategy. Didn’t find your answers? The answer is connection with your customer, which is really very important in this fast paced world where connecting with anyone anywhere is just a finger touch away. In this era you need to build a great connection with your customers, make them feel special as your brand is built for them only, stand upright for each of their question.

Not just a responsibility but a requirement

Transparency of ads: Not just a responsibility but a requirement

Since so many years, creative ads have been the basic way for grabbing more and more viewers’ attention and turning them into customers. But due to over exaggeration of ad content most of the customers get disappointed and the brand was no longer capable to retain those customers who were only tempted with the overwhelming ad story. But now this process is meeting its end. The Federal Trade Commission has introduced new policies and has clarified how an ad must be. This is going to change the media landscape entirely. Producing native ads may prove challenging for advertising companies but most probably it is going to be a boon for each and every business industries those who all were taking assistance of ads for branding and customer enhancement.

What is a native ad?

Native advertising states a form of advertising which is precisely about its brand, exactly matching the functioning and form of the platform for which advertisement is being prepared.

Alterations in the world of media and entertainment

Alterations in the world of media and entertainment

If you look around, you will find yourself surrounded with technological growth. Every single minute of life is growing with advancement in technology and media is not untouched anymore. Even it is one of the most affected sectors that have undergone great changes in the past decades. Today most of the brands have gained their big grand names with the help of media and entertainment. Earlier media and entertainment sector was just about newspaper, television, print Medias and radio, but now it has found a number of distinct ways to engage folks. Now a day’s, most of the folks are indulged in online Medias, such as social media, e-books, and many more. This doesn’t states a complete obliteration of traditional media ways. Still there are folks who are much involved in traditional media ways, newspaper is one of the major examples of those. With the technological advancements, media and entertainment has extended a long way to cover for viewers and also for the creators.

Freedom of choice: In past days, folks were forced to listen or watch the content set by the providers. Radio were playing a specific set of songs for a particular time schedule, movies were telecasted as per the schedule of operator.

Upcoming advancements in social media channels

Upcoming advancements in social media channels

World is same but technology has made it smaller than smallest. Social media is playing the greatest role in connecting folks all round the world. Now talking to a person at the other end of this world is very quick and easy using various social media channels. Most preferred social media channels are Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter, and many more. Each of these started with simple chatting options, but now with the advancement of media technology these social media platforms emerged with best communication options, such as voice calls, video calls, video sharing, images sharing, and many more.

Advancements in social media are listed below: In past few decades a huge number of advancements have been noticed in various sectors and this technological growth has highly influenced social media sector also.