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Leaderboard The Success Tool of Gamification For Event Apps USA

Leaderboard The Success Tool of Gamification For Event Apps USA

Leaderboard The Success Tool of Gamification For Event Apps USA

Gamified systems engage the attendees at an event. The event apps USA provide the attendees with a leaderboard to check their ranks.

The people at the top enjoy their game. The people below understand what their position are compared to their peers. Yet, one thing is pretty common- everyone aims for the top.

However, some might argue- why rank them? Why can we not do away with a leaderboard and just simply indulge the other aspects of gamification.

Truth be told- that is the drive for gamification for a lot of attendees. A leaderboard and an ambition to be on the top of that leaderboard inspires one to play. How? Let us look at some reasons why leaderboards are always a hit in gamification:

  • Rising up a ladder comes as a powerful motivator for most. Attendees look for motivation and leaderboard is just that. They look at the score and want to go forward with it.

An enterprise event app should harp on this particular instinct and foster attendee engagement in the gameplay. While some see it as just another app feature, leaderboard can prove to be a great engagement tool for an application.

  • A cost-effective gamification model should have a leaderboard for massive engagement. Imagine you have a booth where you are conducting a treasure hunt. If the participants can keep on getting leaderboard notifications on their app in real-time, booth traffic will definitely increase in the coming hour.
  • The basic trick for designing a leaderboard is to make these encouraging for the attendees. This way, you will be able to retain the booth traffic as they’ll stay in the game.
  • A leaderboard sets a goal for the attendee. While the attendee will try to achieve the highest score according to the leaderboard, your app will be able to send push notifications and advertisements about the event.
  • In short, in the digital age of extremely brief attention span, the attention of your attendee will not deviate from your event easily. The odds are that an attendee will move onto another activity right away (unless your games are extremely boring).

Leaderboards are common now. How can a leaderboard be more engaging?

Always remember that the leaderboards can ONLY indulge positive motivation, not discouraging. Maybe the top people on the leaderboard gets to have their pictures there. introduce graphic crowns and other symbols to celebrate their achievement.

Their achievement should allow them to feel the sense of achievement- let the endorphin flow. A lot.

On the other hand, it also makes sense to categorize the leaderboard according to:

  1. Local ranking- rank amongst the local delegates
  2. Social ranking- rank amongst their social connections.
  3. Contextual ranking- rank amongst those who are playing that particular level
  4. Temporal ranking- leaderboard of a particular time (week, day or month)

Leaderboards add value to the gamification features of event apps USA and attract massive attendee traffic in an event. Leaderboards are the experts of increasing booth traffics through gamification. This is helpful to make the application more value for money.

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