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Know the story of creator of Whatsapp  

Jan Koum CEO of WhatsApp Inc.

Know The Story Of Creator Of Whatsapp

Jan Koum CEO of WhatsApp Inc.

Whatspp has acquired almost every smartphones with a huge number of users reaching an estimate of 1.3 billion. Every folk uses this app very frequently or can be said almost constantly but hardly anyone knows about the master brain behind this amazing app and that is Jan Koum, a Ukrainian American entrepreneur and a computer programmer who is also renowned as one of the richest American as per the list of Forbes released in 2014, and Jan Koum ranked at the top 62nd position. Estimated worth of Koum is approx. $7.5 billion. Jan Kourm is co-founder and also was the CEO of Whatsapp till January 2014, since February 2014 for US$19.3 billion.

Journey of Jab Koum to the one of the richest man:

Koum belongs to a very simple family where initial days were full of struggle in which social support program helped them to get a small apartment. At the age of 16 Koum worked as a cleaner and his mother was working as a babysitter. His mother died in year 2000 after a long battle fought against cancer.

At the age of 18 year, Koum was inclined towards programing. Then he joined San Jose State University and also worked with Ernst and young as a security test. Later he also joined a group of hackers started in 1996.

His professional journey took a new turn in 1997 when he joined Yahoo as an infrastructure engineer. Then after he brought an idea about whatsapp and shared this idea with his friend named Alex Fishman which impressed him a lot and within a time of seven days they incorporated Whatsapp Inc. in California. The name of this app was given keeping the word “whats up” in mind. At initial times whatsapp was not that popular among folks but the popularity started growing at an exponential rate with the push notifications started popping on various Apple phone and now they have achieved a great level with a huge number of users.

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