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Key Control Systems for Enterprise Security

The answer to the security of enterprises lies in technology. Organizations strive to maintain security of their facilities, by installing automated key control systems. Multiple keys for various buildings, secure zones, rooms and asset lockers, are controlled with the help of automated, electronic key management systems.

Organizations have to deal with sensitive data and valuable assets, while ensuring that there is no security threat. To accomplish this goal, advanced security systems have come to the fore. Electronic key management is one of the most popular options chosen by many entrepreneurs to safeguard their facilities. Most of the products are powered with radio frequency identification technology, that helps in quick transfer of data in real time. Tamper-proof cabinets are designed to meet the specific needs of a business and prevent any security tampering. Password-access doors of secure rooms provide ultimate safety to a facility.

Use of Technology
Bio metric technology products allow finger-print scanning, and allow only authorized individuals to access the building. They enable management to permit only specified individuals access to asset lockers and other secure zones. With advanced technology today, it is possible to monitor and trace who has removed a key from a key cabinet. In addition, the online monitoring capability of these security systems allows the administrative staff of a facility to monitor and keep strict vigil of the entire building from any location.

Key control systems are used to integrate security networks with other operational buildings. For example, if an individual takes a key from one building and returns it in another, the system automatically registers the time, date and location. This provides managing, monitoring and tracing of the keys, which enhances the security of a facility.

Alert Notification
Electronic key management systems also provide alert notifications, that warn of any misuse or of a key not being returned on time. They sends alert notifications via mobile phone or computer.
This security feature not only enhances the security of a facility, but also provides higher-level accessing and tracking capabilities. Key location systems, exit systems and guard tour systems are some major products that are installed in buildings, for ultimate protection and security.

Cost Effective
It is almost unimaginable to control and manage the security of a huge facility manually. More security personnel have to be deployed to check each individual thoroughly. Not only is it impractical, but it costs a lot of money.

Automated key control systems have reduced the burden of such manual security checking and have, in turn, reduced costs. As most of the security aspects are taken care of by the security systems itself, only a few security officers need manage and control the security of a facility.

Automated key control systems are therefore the most viable security alternative, for all those organizations where security is a major concern.

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