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Key Benefits of Server and Storage Virtualization

Server and storage virtualization offer a variety of benefits that help businesses are able to leverage the true value of data services beyond just the hardware characteristics. As against pools of server and storage capacity that aren’t often shareable, a virtualized platform helps businesses in –

• Reclaiming Stranded Server and/or Storage Capacity

Storage virtualization helps make available any unused capacity to servers, applications and users accessing the general pool. In addition to this, this capacity becomes a part of the pool once again and can be easily used somewhere else in cases when the storage is of no longer required.

• Consolidated Management

By applying all the resources at hand, storage and server virtualization eliminates the need for multiple tools and processes for different types of media and storage arrays. Virtualizations essentially helps in consolidating server and storage management under a single roof, making it all the more convenient to manage. Furthermore, this process helps in minimizing all kinds of administrative or human errors.

• Access to Advanced Management Features

Virtualization helps significantly extend the life of storage devices and servers. Furthermore, it also helps optimize the ROI and prevent or delay any need for additional hardware purchases. With advanced management features, it is easy to pursue activities such as remote replication, thin provisioning and snapshots by bundling it with a storage system that do not have these features.

• Energy Efficiency

With the help of storage and server virtualization, one can enhance disk utilization and minimize the quantity of hardware required for your IT infrastructure. Furthermore, it also helps businesses reduce the floor space for data centers and its power and cooling requirements.

• Seamless Data Migration

The core focus of any sensible tiered storage strategy involves data migration. That said, it is also a storage task with the highest risks. It is not uncommon for users to not value the gain in a migration when compared to the efforts it takes to pursue. Virtualization helps seamlessly move data between tiers and also maximize the cost of hardware infrastructure.

• Reduction of Capital Expense and Cost of Ownership

The implementation of virtualization guarantees reduction in expense and overall cost of ownership since virtualization helps replace fragmented, dedicated NAS, DAS and SAN topologies with more flexible and centralized pools.

With rising costs and increase in levels of complexity in IT infrastructures, virtualization acts as a boon for businesses.

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