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Journey with Twitter  

Jack Dorsey, CEO of Twitter Inc.

Journey with Twitter

Jack Dorsey, CEO of Twitter Inc.

Twitter is one of the most renowned social media platforms and in present era it is also one of the most preferred platforms. Approx. 80% of folks of this technological world are using this platform but hardly anyone knows about the mastermind behind this amazing innovation. Jack Dorsey, an American computer programmer and internet entrepreneur. Apart from this great innovation, Jack is also founder and CEO of Square which is a mobile payment company. Unlike other technological entrepreneurs, Jack Dorsey initially started his profession as an occasional fashion model.

An inclinational towards technological sector started at the age of fourteen where he found dispatch routing as interesting. First innovation done by Dorsey was development of open source software in the sector of dispatch logistics.

Journey with Twitter, Inc as CEO:

At the time of commencement, two more people accompanied Dorsey where Dorsey was at the position of chief executive officer (CEO). At the time when Twitter was growing Jack lost his position for following his passion. In the due course, popularity of this platform’s service started growing at a fast pace. Initially this platform was not designed for commercial use but keeping the popularity in mind, Dorsey chose the improvement of uptime and making it a commercial platform from which they can generate revenue. In July 2000, Dorsey was inspired by Live Journal and AOL instant messenger. Here he got an idea of incorporating instant short messaging and sending short status.

In the mid of 2008, Williams acquired the position of CEO while Dorsey became chairman of the board then in 2015 he was announced as a permanent CEO after Costolo resigned from the company.

After a time, number of tweets started falling from 500 million to 300 million. As everyone knows twitter allows only limited characters to be shared on the platform but initially in limited 140 characters it was including links and image also which was not really allowing users to share their views properly. Here to entice the new users, Dorsey announced that Twitter will not count links and images in 140 characters to free up the text space and really worked properly and enhanced the number of tweets again.

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