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IT Support Services – Are Qualifications Important?

One aspect of  searching on the internet is that more people are keen to share information about themselves. And that can make it easier if you are looking to hire support staff. You can keep an eye out for what you are looking for, and what you want to avoid. To proudly boast an education level of the University of Life or the School of Hard Knocks should send prospective hirers a warning. It’s continual learning and accreditation that are now more important than ever before. And nowhere is this more apparent than in the area of supplying IT Support Services.

Anyone can claim to be an IT Expert

Setting up your computer networks and servers is an important job that shouldn’t be left to a self-proclaimed “expert”. A bad experience is going to result in significant ongoing business productivity problems. Instead of a solution that will save you time and money, all your time and energy is now spent fixing things. How can you solve the problems of tomorrow when you are looking at what went wrong yesterday? That’s what makes qualifications so important when it comes to IT support staff.

What qualifications to look for

At NetCare, we’ve had great success with consultants who have TAFE certificates, as well as University graduates with IT degrees. But that’s often only the beginning. Because ours is a fast changing and ever moving industry, we like our people to stay up to date with the very latest vendor training. What could be better for your business than having IT Support staff trained in the actual hardware and software you’re running?

Which vendor certifications are the best?

Considered the Gold Standard by many in the business, Microsoft Accreditation for all technical staff is critical to look for when it comes to choosing your new IT Support Provider.

Keep it current

And while accreditation is great to have, it’s not the end of the story. A recent new client told us a horror story of their server needing to be completely rebuilt because their previous provider sent onsite a support technician with Server 2003 accreditation and made a disastrous mistake.

NetCare is committed to ongoing qualifications and vendor certification, even though this involves a financial commitment and the provisioning of study leave.

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