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Is Your Enterprise Mobility Framework Secure

Is Your Enterprise Mobility Framework Secure

Is Your Enterprise Mobility Framework Secure?

It is very likely that you have a whole set of mobile devices, such as tablets, phones, and laptops buzzing every minute in your office.While personal devices are always on, you may be given another device for the work place which also needs to be managed. Similarly, all the other employees need help keeping up with both. This is why you needto have enterprise mobility. This helps both employees and management.

First of all, it ensures that the work on administrative staff is reduced or at least simplified, by taking into account the input and output for bills as compared to the usage. Next, it ensures that your network is free of malware and viruses. And lastly, it works great to monitor the productivity of the employees who use these devices. Thus, an effective enterprise mobility framework becomes essential.

However, it is likely that with this enterprise mobility architecture,you are in fact opening your organization up to a whole new group of possible attacks. We should all be aware of email viruses and other malware, but this is a new form in which not many are educated.

You may find that your organization may be breached in a way that may not even be traced back to the origin. If it corrupts the network you may face hours to downtime and wastage of time and productivity of people. Not only that, you may need to replace a few devices that may be beyond repair.

The worst case scenario is when this affects your data and systems. While on the surface, the virus may seem benign, it could slowly deteriorate the system sending the centrifuge into super high speed. Finally, you may find that the virus erodes the centrifuge and brings the whole plant down. This is why you need secure enterprise mobility, and not just the cheapest one.

This may be done with the help of first ensuring that you get only quality mobility software for your organization. Check for the three C’s – Credibility of the company, Comprehensive security measures as well as Compatibility with your work place.

Along with this, also educate your employees to avoid vulnerable downloads like collaborative apps and suspicious links that may come across as official. You must make your users mobile virus savvy and know the following:

  • Steer clear from using unknown Wi-Fi
  • Know the background of the application before download
  • Check which permission the app is requesting
  • Ensure that the network and device antivirus software is up to date

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