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Is There Any Difference Between Software Quality Assurance and Testing?

Quality Assurance and Software Testing: Have you ever given a thought whether there actually is a difference between these two? Or, are these two terms given by humans for the same concept? No worries as this article attempts to solve your query and help you figure out whether they are synonymous or actually indicate noticeable difference in the areas of quality.

Today, many companies hire groups of software testers who could deliver the best-in-class quality assurance testing services as well as other required services to ship a high quality, error-free end product. Sometimes, these two might be used interchangeably. There is no harm it; as long as the procedure, processes and activities to ensure quality of the software, the nomenclature doesn’t really matter.

What do they mean, really?

Software Quality Assurance is all about a planned and systematic plus sophisticated approach to identifying, defining and modifying set of activities and procedures to attain a bug-free good quality product. Once the processes are in line, executing and making them reality to offer a final end product is what software testing all about.

Where QA talks about creating, defining, and implementing various methods to enhance the overall software development cycle, testing focuses on verifying and assessing the product to find bugs and discover defects.

Misunderstanding in Understanding the Two

Whenever we talk about testing and quality assurance, there is very fine line difference which everyone indulged with the concerned industry needs to understand. Implementing test processes and bring out defects is not quality assurance is present. It just tells that software testing is being practiced and efforts are being done to discover the bugs, eliminate or fix them as fast as possible in the product.

Software testing should comply with the pre-determined regulations, methods, procedures and standards prior to conducting the actual tests. In case the product does not comply, it needs to be taken under re-assessment and further examination. Practicing things systematically helps the product achieve its desired quality.

If you want quality assurance to become a part of the project, you need to define the proper metrics which need to be followed to attain highest quality possible of the product.

The Final Word

In brief, quality assurance focuses on the process of reaching the final product, while testing concentrates on the final product. You can even go for automation testing & QA consulting services as they will improve the level of quality of your end result.

There might be situations where software testing is given more priority than quality assurance. This might be considered in scenarios where resources and time are limited and finishing off is more important than investing and waiting for the quality related standards to be in place. Although, in the long run, software quality assurance should be incorporated since constant enhancement and overall success depends on it.

Hence, the ultimate motive of testing and quality assurance is to create and deliver an bug-free product that meets its both non-functional and functional requirements.

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