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– Anonymous, 1994

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IoT empowering smart store and customers experience, how? Let’s know that

Internet of things, most popularly known as IoT is firmly connected with life of common folks. It has changed our lives in various terms; either you talk about professional lives or personal. Now, life of every single folks is widely connected with digital mediums, enhancing their standard of living at every stage of life. In the race of digitization even shopping is not untouched. Common shops are now upgrading in smart shops to enhance the experience of customers.

Consumers of present era are educated and well informed. They precisely understand their wants and never compromise with it. Everyone wishes to get a customized solution for their requirements. IoT helps stores to know their customers well by sharing their profile and purchase history.

Contribution made by Iot for developing a smart store:

  • With the help of IoT, micro sensors can be placed within the store and presence of the customers can be detected. With such sensors, a store manager can easily get to know the presence of customers spending a longer time in the store and can assist them with the relevant product accessing data from the cloud and matching it with the profile of customers.
  • Apart from a micro location there are number of technologies which can be incorporated in a store to make it smart, such as shelf sensors to know the availability of product stock on the shelf.
  • Heat mapping is another great technology which is a advancement of IoT sector, it allows store manager to know the visitors action within store and also keep an eye over every action of folks present in the store.
  • Most of the store suffers a shortage of data and stock, especially at the time of special occasions when unexpected folks visit store or demand of a particular product increases. As a solution IoT serves a predictive maintenance in which it provides a predicted data of upcoming market and product’s demands.

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