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Information on GIS Maps

Information on GIS Maps

A printed map helps in describing geographical locations. But these printed maps do not give detailed information like interesting facts about places, location of any person in the map and so on. Therefore, GIS known as Geographical Information System was invented to deal with the drawbacks of printed maps.

GIS is a modern technology that also helps in finding new locations. This was impossible without computers.

Geographical Information System .i.e. GIS is a system that captures information from various sources like aerial photographs, satellite images, etc and organizes them. Further, GIS analyses the information taken from various sources that are relevant to its geographical locations. Finally GIS displays any information about geographical locations in digital form. It not only helps in locating certain objects but also helps in classifying the significance of these objects. Thus, there no need for anyone to use printed maps that contains a list of places, a chart or a diagram that displays types of rocks because GIS mapping collects all the existing data related to any area or location and conveys it digitally.

GIS system uses highly advanced computer software that helps in gathering information. You can find the exact location of any city or a small town immediately by just entering details of the city like zip code, name of a city or address in the GIS system. Suppose you wish to travel to your favorite destination then GIS system also helps in calculating the time required to reach the particular location which you have entered in the GIS system. Thus GIS displays the exact time in seconds. GIS also helps in solving traffic problems by displaying alternative routes.

A GIS map is not only a useful application tool for tourists but is also a multipurpose and powerful tool in the world of science. Data related to our world in the field of science is gathered in several ways. But with advanced technology GIS combines all this into single data which helps us easily access any information from a single source. Thus we can find any information related to archeology, topology, history of any location, crime records etc. Therefore, GIS mapping has helped in bringing the world closer and has changed the way we look at it completely.

GIS mapping helps everyone to learn and understand about their neighborhood, cities or places in the world. Therefore, with GIS mapping technology we are able to access any geographical information related to our world that helps us in creating new innovations so that we are aware of our planet earth and understand its importance.

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