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How Technology is Impacting Global Mobility

How Technology is Impacting Global Mobility

How Technology is Impacting Global Mobility?

The workforce of today and tomorrow is very different from what enterprises were used to managing over the past years. This is because the very nature of work is changing, it is becoming highly fluidic, always-on and location-agnostic. The nature of the workforce too is changing, today we see a large proportion of globe-trotting employees and those who are willing to step out of the comfort zone for career advancement.

As a result, more cross-location and cross-cultural transfers are happening by the day. There are two elements that HR needs to manage- the logistical aspect and the humane aspect of hand-holding employees through such a major change. Carrying out these two priorities manually is not only inefficient, it is humanely impossible. This is where technology comes to the rescue.

Automation is hitting the global mobility space fast, and employees are turning to self-service platforms to manage their mobility for many tasks. This does not mean that the human interaction can be completely eliminated, though. Most mobility professionals are unwilling to leave mobility actions to the employee and the machine only; they would like to have a degree of control and say in the process.

In fact, it is seen that most mobility professionals go out of their way to guide and help employees to ensure a smooth transition. This means there is a huge time and effort investment per move, often to the order of 20-40 hours + per move. Much of this time is spent in transactional tasks, which takes away the mobility professional’s time from value-adding strategic stuff. The answer to this is typically a lump sum program.

A lump sum program is a data-centered way to manage mobility. It is a move away from manual to automation. It essentially allows the mobility professional to draw out information that he or she needs to provide the best of employee care, while not wasting time on transactional tasks. Mobility professionals can move away from answering endless questions about tax or accommodation, and rely on a ready-platform with all the answers.

Automation has ensured that mobility professionals can now quickly and easily check the status of each employee move, check and evaluate spends versus budgets, analyse program performance and quickly get to the most relevant insights. And all this without much time and effort investment. From an organizational perspective, this translates to better cost savings and more employee bandwidth for highly value-adding work, leading to better productivity.

A lump sum global mobility program is the way ahead in a scenario where global professionals are on the rise. The faster enterprises, especially those with a large global presence realize and invest in this, the better it is.

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