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Disaster Recovery

Disaster Recovery

How Confident Are You With Your Disaster Recovery Measures?

Keeping critical assets in the virtual world has always been a major concern not only by businesses but by disaster recovery companies as well.

While the fact remains that only a few businesses are unaffected even without routine backups, the situation gets a little more complicated given that virtualization and transition to cloud computing is now a common practice.

If you’re in doubt as to whether or not your company has an effective disaster recovery plan, consider answering these questions:

  1. Does your company have offsite backup?
  2. Are your virtual servers undergoing frequent backup?
  3. Do you use at least 10 per cent of your IT budget for disaster recovery solutions?
  4. Have you recently revisited your documentation for disaster recovery and business continuity plan?
  5. Is your company only dependent on one member of the staff (usually the person who wrote the documentation) when implementing the disaster recovery plan?

    If you answered no to most of the first four questions and yes to the last question, you might just want to consider a few tips recommended by top IT professionals in improving disaster recovery:

    1. Keep a properly documented process and procedure to reduce downtime.
    2. Bear in mind that virtual backups are just AS ESSENTIAL as physical backups
    3. Invest in tried and tested disaster recovery solutions
    4. Invest on alternative means for communication
    5. Empower your staff and ensure that your disaster recovery plan can stand alone. This way, more people are aware on how to carry out what’s in the recovery plan and not just depend on the go signal of the person who wrote it.
    6. Lastly, revisit, review and improve your DR plan. Technology changes. What may be effective today may not be useful tomorrow.

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