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Grab Overseas Business Opportunities With a Startup Visa

Setting up or expanding businesses outside country borders is not a new concept. It is tried and tested formula to embrace prosperity. The current atmosphere of globalization has changed the concept of doing business. Running a business has become that easy provided you have the right ideas. This has encouraged people to expand established businesses and set-up new ones in foreign lands. Anyone who wants to live a life less ordinary should definitely think of getting a startup visa in New Zealand to set-up his/her own business.

What makes New Zealand to be a lucrative option for entrepreneurs?

New Zealand is a land of opportunities. With a stable GDP and flexible government policies, it is truly a gold mine for young entrepreneurs. If you are looking to invest in an established business or expand your own business, New Zealand is the one. It is perfect for long-term business goals. Works well if you are planning to reside there as well.

  • The New has a very flexible and liberal approach towards foreign investments. The focus is more on the economic growth of the nation as a whole. If they feel that your business is going to help the community, there will be nothing to stop you.
  • The country has so many unexplored options which make it very business friendly. The taxation policies are simple and regulations are quite transparent.
  • Another advantage is the geographical location of New Zealand. The timezone coincides perfectly with the working hours of the most areas. You get to catch the mornings of Europe, key working hours in Asia and afternoon hours of US. This gives your business a global reach.

The basics of acquiring startup visa in New Zealand

Getting a startup visa allows you to set-up, buy or expand their business in New Zealand. Acquiring a visa needs certain fulfillments first:

  • You must be able to make a minimum capital investment of NZ$ 100,000 for the business. The money has to come from you or your partner if any.
  • You cannot borrow these funds. The authorities need proof that you have earned it or acquired it in a legal way.
  • If you have a partner, it needs to be supported by him.
  • There are exceptions were the minimum capital investment can be lessened or waived. Such considerations are made by Business Migration Branch. It happens if your business is related to science or anything related to innovation.
  • New Zealand maintains a points system. You have to score a minimum 120 points to pass your business plan. Your business experience will determine the points.
  • Other requirements include a certificate of good health and good character. You also need to show that you are proficient in the English language to apply for a startup visa in New Zealand.

For a startup visa, you need to submit a business plan to the authorities. The plan needs to have all the details. It has to be convincing to prevent red flags.

When all the documents fall in line, the authorities will give you start up visa in New Zealand so that you can establish and grow your own business.

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