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Features of Security Enterprise Asset Management Solutions

Features of Security Enterprise Asset Management Solutions

Features of Security Enterprise Asset Management Solutions

Security enterprise asset management is an organizational method and in most cases is available as a software application. Most companies provide this software utilizing a database structure. This application can work in cooperation with other operating systems as well. It shares data on a mixed platform, such as Linux, Sun Solaris, Windows 98/NT/2000 and many others.

Security enterprise asset management solutions are efficient and can function smoothly without affecting the flow of your daily activities. Under this a company manages its physical assets by evaluating the causes of their possible failures. Using this solution you can review methodically all the failures, their effects and causes and set up security measures and other important maintenance guidelines. Most IT service providers make of this solution as it can conduct automatic inventories of the companies assets and sets up a dynamic audit. Furthermore, it recognizes the actual location of assets, even if they are remotely placed in other organization networks.

Recently, eminent IT brands specializing in managed security services have come up with security enterprise asset management solutions. It involves all the activities linked with end-to-end tracking and management of assets that are:-

• Configuration Management
• Retire & Disposal Management
• Interface with Enterprise Asset Management Systems and Processes
• Enterprise security posture assessment
• Request & Approval Process
• Compliance to Regulatory Laws if applicable
• Procurement Management
• Create & Maintain Definitive Hardware Store
• Supplier/Vendor Management
• Re-Deployment and Movement
• Interface with complimenting, dependant ITSM Processes and Functions
• Physical Asset Tracking
• Assessment on ISO 27001 and PCI controls.
• Software License Management
• Contract Management (Support/Maintenance/ Renewals /Enterprise License Agreement)
• Create & Maintain Definitive Software Library

Service providers of enterprise security and asset management offer their users accurate and complete data about the condition of their assets by sending regular updates. Users can quickly run and record associated searches and reports concerning their assets. It helps them and their agents to detect problems easily and pace up the remediation process. Furthermore, the solution helps to calculate the roll outs and enhancement costs. It can also manage the daily operation of logistical units, enabling the users to get involved in freight forwarding and transport unit repairs. It helps to come up with custom reports on the usage and sets up estimations on what might possibly occur.

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