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Enterprise Mobility Services-a Boon For Remote Workers

It is the availability of cost-effective enterprise mobility services that have acted as a catalyst to fuel this trend of hiring. It is not that these services have only benefitted employers or entrepreneurs as they have indeed proved as a boon for remote workers in multiple ways.

Feel less stressed

Contrary to the general perception that remote workers are stressed out because of reasons, like a feeling of isolation from co-workers, poor ergonomics, and so on, they have lower stress level. One of the primary reason behind the same is getting more time to spend with family members or loved ones at home. They feel more empowered to work in a way that suits them the most.

Of course, this was impossible if enterprises have not invested in mobility services as these workers need mobile devices to stay connected with their project manager or supervisor. Companies provide mobile devices to their remote workers depending on their nature of work.

Get more time to sleep

As working from a remote location means no need to commute to the workplace, there are more hours to take rest, to work and enjoy a good sleep. An average American spends an approximate fifty minutes in the daily commute to his or her workplace. This makes life miserable because of sleep deprivation, and excessive fatigue while doing a non-productive work. This gets eliminated when companies facilitate work from home.

Eat healthy food

There are many people for whom eating home-cooked food becomes a distant dream because of long hours of commute, and no time to cook at home. Remote workers are much fortunate in this regard as with a facility to work from their home, coffee shop or even a restaurant; they can eat healthy food whenever they experience hunger pangs.

In a nutshell, mobility services are a boon for remote workers and the trend of embracing such services is likely to continue in the coming years too.

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