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Enrollment Rx Releases Formbuilder Rx On The Salesforce Appexchange

Schiller Park, IL- July 11, 2017 – Enrollment Rx, the leading provider of cloud-based Constituent Relationship Management (CRM) solutions for higher education, today announced the addition of FormBuilder Rx on the Salesforce AppExchange. FormBuilder Rx creates complex and dynamic web pages, with drag-and-drop functionality that enables administrators to easily set up forms and personalized homepages.

The newest Enrollment Rx product, FormBuilder Rx, joins Enrollment Rx CoreEvents Rx, and Import Rx on the AppExchange. All of Enrollment Rx’s listed products are lighting-ready, have passed the rigorous security review, and are architected to support Salesforce’s long-term vision for higher education.

“FormBuilder Rx is our most exciting product release yet”, said Lawrence Levy, President of Enrollment Rx. “FormBuilder Rx allows us to deliver highly complex applicant portals and data intake forms, without the need to include software developers on our projects. We have enormously reduced the level of effort required to deploy Salesforce’s Communities and Sites for higher education, down from many months to just a few days. And because FormBuilder Rx can work in most Salesforce environments, it can be readily installed by any Salesforce client that is wrestling with custom code for Communities and Sites pages.”

“Possibly the most important component to publishing an app on the AppExchange is the security review”, said Marc Satin, Chief Operating Officer of Enrollment Rx. “Colleges and Universities are rightfully concerned with the privacy and security of their student data and it is critical that they are able to select apps from the AppExchange that have been reviewed for security compliance. Ensuring our apps go through this process enables our clients to rest easy knowing that Salesforce has validated our apps to ensure that there are no security gaps or flaws in our architecture.

Learn More About the AppExchange

Enrollment Rx is a higher education technology company delivering innovative Constituent Relationship Management (CRM) solutions. Built on the Salesforce cloud computing platform, Enrollment Rx puts enterprise-class functionality and limitless scalability within reach of any size school. Academic institutions rely on Enrollment Rx to eliminate business process inefficiencies, maximize constituent engagement, and future proof their technology strategy.

Just last month Salesforce announced the launch of their Salesforce AppExchange Partner Program, delivering a single destination for everything ISV Partners need to be successful. As an ISV Partner, Enrollment Rx is thrilled to participate in the new AppExchange program, leveraging Salesforce technology to ensure our solutions continue to shine above our competitors and champion our relationship with the team.

For more information on Enrollment Rx’s full suite of products, or to schedule a demonstration of our products featured on the AppExchangecontact us today.

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