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Document Management System – Now File Storing And Accessing Becomes Safe

Digital Document Management System is a software which allows storing of documents on a server that is kept secured with a password. All kinds of documents can be stored with the help of this tool and then retrieved whenever required. The user finds a commendable relief on using this software as it makes managing files and documents a lot easier than it normally is.

This Document management system is developed by the team at GATT by making use of innovative codes. This has made the tool highly innovative and it is able to easily keep a log of all files that are uploaded on the server. Henceforth, the files can be accessed and downloaded with ease from anywhere. It keeps the documents highly secured as no one other than the user can gain an access of the documents.

With the deployment of this software, common problems such as lost documents, security problems, and unmanageable folders can be easily taken care of. Different categories for storing different types of documents can be created with an ease. It allows storing of old or new files based on need. Hence, finding out the files become easy as there is an advanced search option.

This software allows quick and secure managing of documents of any type. Users are able to store files such as MS word, MS excel, MS power point, PDF, text, images, drawings, audio, and video files. Once uploaded, files can be shared with others over FTP and secured FTP. The ‘share document’ option is meant for this purpose and allows sharing of documents with others.

This tool permits uploading of multiple files with drag and drop option made available. It also enables scanning of files and to open them with access rights. Email and SMS notifications are also there to keep people reminded or notified of new documents or any changes in existing documents. This software protects uploaded documents from being copied, printed and downloaded with ease. So, from the security aspect, it provides full-fledged security to files that are uploaded with the help of this tool.

There is also a document viewer option available that allows live streaming of files from server to client at low bandwidth. This software protects files and makes viewing possible. There is bookmarking facility available to allow users continue reading. A number of languages are also supported and so uploaded files may also be translated to different languages.

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